The Chief Justice of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal urges to maintain judicial independence

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The Chief Justice of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal, Ma Daoli, who is about to retire, responded to the call for judicial reform, saying "What we need most is judicial independence in Hong Kong." . . .

Honkong Geoffrey Ma

Geoffrey Ma, the Chief Justice of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal, who is about to retire


Li Zhiying, the founder of Apple Daily, who was released on bail just over a week ago, was taken into custody again on the last day of 2020: The Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal revoked the bail order previously issued by the Hong Kong High Court. On February 2, the Court of Final Appeal will formally hear the appeal case concerning Li Zhiying.

on Wednesday(23日),香港《苹果日报》创办人、73岁的黎智英在交纳1000万元港币保释金、不得请求外国制裁等条件下,获保释。他于本月3日被捕,受到欺诈罪指控,后被加控违反国安法。

After the passage of the Hong Kong National Security Law, various judicial decisions have received high attention from the outside world.Many young people have been prosecuted and sentenced one after another because of their participation in the "anti-send" movement in 2019.

The Shenzhen court heard the "28 Hong Kong people case" for the first time on the 12th. China News Agency stated that all 10 people in the trial pleaded guilty in court, hoping that the court would be given a lighter sentence.British Foreign Minister Raab also issued a statement calling on Beijing to ensure that the judicial system is fair and transparent.

Beijing is trying to change Hong Kong's discourse on the "separation of powers". After Chief Executive Carrie Lam called Hong Kong a "separation of powers", the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office and the Liaison Office of the Central Committee also issued articles to "correct" the "misconceptions" in society.

According to Hong Kong media reports, at least five mainland law firms have received notifications from the judicial department prohibiting them from representing the "Shenzhen 5 Hong Kong Cases."

(Deutsche Welle Chinese website) Chinese mouthpiece media and more and more pro-Beijing activists are calling for judicial reforms in Hong Kong. The retiring Chief Justice of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Geoffrey Ma urged on Tuesday (January 1) to maintain judicial independence. .

The commercial success of Hong Kong under one country, two systems is largely due to the transparent and internationally respected common law legal system, which is in sharp contrast to the opaque and party-controlled courts in authoritarian China.

In 2019, a massive democratic protest movement took place in Hong Kong, which was subsequently suppressed by Beijing.Since then, Hong Kong's judicial system has been under continuous political pressure.

, Beijing began to exercise more direct control over Hong Kong, including implementing a strict national security law to suppress dissidents, and also weakened the legal firewall between this commercial harbor and mainland China.

Senior Chinese officials, mouthpiece media, and Hong Kong pro-Beijing activists and media have begun lobbying for judicial reform or criticizing recent judgments they dislike.

Opponents worry that these voices may herald the arrival of a legal system closer to an autocratic mainland.

On Tuesday, the 64-year-old Chief Justice of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal, Ma Daoli, responded to these concerns during his last meeting with the media before retirement.


He also talked about the Basic Law, known as Hong Kong's "mini constitution": "We should keep in mind that there are three clauses in the Basic Law that emphasize the independence of the judiciary in Hong Kong."

Ma Daoli, born in Hong Kong and educated in the UK, said that if judicial reform means improving the work of judges, then they are open to reform. "However, if reforms are requested because they are not satisfied with the court decision, it is not particularly satisfactory. I hope that reforms will ensure that I can always get the results I want. This is certainly not a good starting point, and it is also unacceptable. ",He says.

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