The merger of ST-French auto giants will come out

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After being approved by the EU's competent authority last month, the shareholders' meeting of the French Peugeot-Citroen Group and the Italian Fiat-Chrysler Group passed the merger proposal on January 1.After the two major car companies merge, a new entity called "Stellantis" will be formed.After the merger, the new group also faces the important task of reviving the performance of the Chinese market. . . .

Peugeot und Fiat


菲亚特克莱斯勒的总裁艾尔肯(John Elkann)和标志雪铁龙集团总裁唐唯实(los Tavares)均称,这次合并具有历史意义。“我们准备好合并了”,标志雪铁龙的总裁唐唯实说。他表示,该交易已经通过所有审查。唐唯实也将成为合并后新集团的负责人。他面临着重振该车企在市场表现的重任,同时也要向其竞争者一样聚焦产能过剩、清洁能源等问题。


In addition, the new shares of "Stellantis" will be listed and traded in Milan, New York and Paris.

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