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Some scammers pretended to be representatives of Woolworths Hu Hefu and asked shoppers to provide personal information via SMS. This issue has attracted the attention of the government regulator Scamwatch.

[Sydney Newspaper] There are scammers posing as representatives of Woolworths Hu Hefu and asking shoppers to provide personal information via SMS. This issue has attracted the attention of the government regulator Scamwatch.

Several Hu Hefu customers have reported this shocking scam on social media.The picture shows that one of the short messages correctly identified the recipient’s name.

The text message was sent by the fake Woolworths virtual assistant Suzy. The text message told the recipient that a receipt for their purchases in 2020 has been "automatically entered" the lottery, and there are prizes to be claimed. The recipient can click on the text message Link to enter.

A shopper clicked to enter the website and received a speech from Suzy. The text displayed on the fake webpage was "Woolworths Interactive Prize World".

This fake website has a function similar to the chat function of Hu Hefu's website.A robot replied, "I am your virtual guide Suzy, I will help you collect the prize you won today."

A Facebook user posted to Hu Hefu’s Facebook community on Monday that he received an e-mail that said, "Chat online via WOW and click "here" to receive your gift."

The user said that it looks like fraudulent information and just wants you to know about the incident. .

Some shoppers said they had taken screenshots to report the incident last Saturday.

Some shoppers said that they did not shop in Hu Hefu and did not know how the crooks obtained her name.

A spokesperson for Hu Hefu has not yet commented on how the scammer can correctly identify the name of the recipient of the text, saying that relevant agencies will provide further explanations on the fraud.However, the scam is not an authorization message from Hu Hefu, and indeed has nothing to do with Hu Hefu.

The spokesperson said Hu Hefu has always encouraged customers to be vigilant against online and text phishing frauds, which collect personal information by imitating well-known brands.Institutions will not ask customers to provide personal or bank details through unsolicited contacts.The agency will report fraud to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ACCC, and will regularly update the agency’s website Scam Alerts page to ensure the online safety of customers.

Earlier Monday, Scamwatch did warn users on Twitter to be alert to this scam.The tweet said that there are scammers posing as Hu Hefu’s chat bot, remember not to provide your address or credit card details, and you will not receive prizes or gift certificates. (Child force)

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