What is the best country for epidemic prevention in New Zealand and Australia? -

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澳洲智库Lowy 研究所最近对各国疫情应对情况做了一项调查,在被调查的全球近100个国家中,新西兰被认为做得最好,排名第一位。澳洲排名第八。此调查不包括中国,...

澳洲智库Lowy 研究所最近对各国疫情应对情况做了一项调查,在被调查的全球近100个国家中,新西兰被认为做得最好,排名第一位。澳洲排名第八。此调查不包括中国,原因是中国没有公开的检测数据。


In addition, due to the severe epidemic, the United States ranked 94th near the end, and Indonesia and India ranked 85th and 86th respectively.

Herve Lemahieu of the Lowy Institute told the ABC that their survey showed that smaller countries are generally more effective in responding to outbreaks than larger countries.From the data point of view, countries with a population of less than 1000 million are more flexible in responding to this public health emergency. "He said.

Lemahieu also said that the research data also negated the view that authoritarian countries can control the epidemic more effectively than democracies. "Generally speaking, authoritarian countries have a faster start-they can mobilize resources faster and block them faster, but this state is difficult to maintain for a long time."

He said that many democracies initially responded poorly to the pandemic, but after the first wave of epidemics, there will be "significant improvement."

Lemahieu believes that the situation in the United States and the United Kingdom has not improved because of failure to implement sufficiently stringent health measures.

He said that it seems that countries with smaller populations, more social cohesion, and stronger government institutions are doing better epidemic prevention.

Lemahieu said that the technical content of the measures taken to contain the virus is quite low. Rich countries and developing countries are usually able to control the epidemic more effectively than poor countries. However, by the end of last year, the infection rate in Europe and North America has soared again. A reversal occurred.


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