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Whitehorse市:恢复补助计划——商业类第2轮开放申请 近日,Whitehorse市的恢复补助计划——商业类第2轮正式开放申领。该计划是应对COVID-...

City of Whitehorse: Recovery Grant Program-2nd round of commercial applications open

Recently, Whitehorse City’s second round of commercial recovery subsidy program officially opened for application.The plan is part of the economic stimulus plan formulated in response to the COVID-2 epidemic, and aims to help companies invest in various projects to maintain their operational capabilities and grow during the recovery phase.


Application link: https://www.wbiz.com.au/whitehorse-business/whitehorse-recovery-grants-package-business

Communities under its jurisdiction: Blackburn, Blackburn North, Blackburn South, Box Hill, Box Hill North, Box Hill South, Burwood, Burwood East, Forest Hill, Mitcham, Mont Albert, Mont Albert North, Nunawading, Surrey Hills, Vermont and Vermont South.

Melbourne City: Feedback from businesses on outdoor dining

There are 186 merchants with outdoor catering "parks" in Melbourne. In December last year and January this year, the city conducted a survey on outdoor catering satisfaction for 12 of them.Just recently, the survey results were announced.


Communities under its jurisdiction: Carlton, Carlton North, Docklands, East Melbourne, Flemington, Hotham Hill, Kensington, Melbourne, Melbourne West, North Melbourne, Parkville, Port Melbourne, Prahran, South Yarra and Southbank.

Stonnington City: Prahran Square won the Outstanding Architecture Award

Recently, the Stonnington City Council stated that Prahran Square won the Outstanding Architecture Award and its builder Kane Constructions Pty Ltd won the Outstanding Civil Architecture Award in the 2020 Master Builder Outstanding Architecture Award.

It is reported that the builder Kane was recognized for his work on Prahran Square, and the company completed the city's largest construction project to date in less than two years. The Prahran Plaza renovation project cost a total of 6000 million Australian dollars. The project is to transform the old parking lot into a 10000-square-meter multi-functional city park with 500 underground parking spaces.The construction of the plaza increased the parking capacity by 20% and turned the dusty asphalt parking lot into the green space it is now.It is still a must-see on the popular Chapel Street.

Communities under its jurisdiction: Armadale, Glen Iris, Hawksburn, Kooyong, Malvern, Malvern East, Prahran, South Yarra, Toorak and Windsor.

Monash City: Clayton Sound Art Workshop

Recently, the Monash City Council called on all artists and tuners to come and participate in the Clayton Sound Art Symposium, so that more people can learn to listen, integrate into the community, and convey their knowledge of the city in which they live.


Appointment link: https://www.monash.vic.gov.au/Leisure/Council-Festivals-and-Events/Clayton-Festival-2021/Children-And-Young-People/Young-People/Sounding-Clayton

Communities under its jurisdiction: Ashwood, Burwood, Chadstone, Clayton, Glen Waverely, Hughesdale, Huntingdale, Mount Waverley, Mulgrave, Notting Hill, Oakleigh, Oakleigh East, Oakleigh South, Pinewood, Syndal and Wheelers Hill.
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