Interview: Looking forward to the future "Year of the Ox"

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As the Spring Festival is approaching, Chinese people at home and abroad may never have looked forward to the "Bull" to change the world like this year, and hope that the "Year of the Ox" will bring more hope and courage to overcome the epidemic.Tang Hong, a Chinese calligrapher and painter living in Germany, created a New Year card for the Year of the Ox, expressing people's desire for freedom, health and happiness in artistic language. . . .

Kunst und Corona | DW Interview | Hong Tang-Knoben
Greeting card for the Year of the Ox by Hong Tang-Knoben, a Chinese painter and calligrapher

Deutsche Welle: Teacher Tang, you have recently created a New Year card for the Year of the Ox, which combines pictographic art and abstract art to bring a strong visual impact.What do you want to express through this work?

: When creating this year's New Year card painting, I felt that I wanted to express a lot.The past year was too special.After experiencing a series of restricted lives required to control the epidemic, and even after life and death, people have a new understanding of freedom, health, and happiness, and their expectations for the coming year are more and more intense.I want to express this kind of anxiety caused by a special period, but also a stronger desire for the coming year: Will the Year of the Ox bring us luck?In terms of content, from the beginning, I hoped to use my beloved hieroglyph "cow" as an important element in the theme. It not only emphasizes the auspicious and joyful atmosphere, presents people's yearning for a vast world and freedom, but also reflects people. Doubts and potential worries.

Deutsche Welle: This painting leaves people with plenty of room for imagination. What kind of feedback do you get from Chinese and German friends?

Tang Hong: After completing the Lunar New Year card, I received a lot of enthusiastic and interesting feedback and comments.Whether they are Chinese, Germans, or people of other nationalities, no matter what kind of occupation or cultural background they have, they all reflect that when they see this painting, they feel a particularly refreshing Live, feel the atmosphere of hope and joy.Friends who understand Chinese characters have not missed the "ox" in the year of the ox.After careful viewing, the impressions and interpretations vary from person to person.Some saw the brilliant sunshine, green fields, golden crops, the phoenix that opened the screen, the eyes of a golden bull, and the kumquat of auspicious; some thought of "the sky and the place", "the field of hope, the harvest season" , "The unending hurricane", "The turbulent universe", "Singing dancers whirl around", "Taurus eyes see the world"; there are also sayings like "the calf held in the tiger's mouth" or the ancient coin symbol... .Another friend wrote improvisationally: "The golden bull's eyes are round, the Hong (red) blessed legs are bounced, come to your house, come to my house, every family has Tianyuan."

Deutsche Welle: These feedbacks are very interesting and make people feel that art language has no boundaries and transcends cultural boundaries.

Tang Hong: Yes.I am very happy to get such a response and resonance.Being able to share all kinds of welcome feelings with so many friends really makes me have a sense of happiness that has fulfilled my original intention.I am also delighted that the Bonn "UPdate Gallery" has included my New Year card painting as its latest recommendation; it is organized by the Nordic International Press Center and other media and several art groups, mainly seniors from Chinese painting and calligraphy. The "2021 New Year's Day and New Year Global Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition" almost exceptionally invited me this non-traditional Chinese New Year painting.All these have encouraged me to continue to explore the lyrical characteristics of combining Eastern and Western art, and to practice the best integration and interaction between Eastern and Western cultures in artistic expression.

Deutsche Welle: Last summer, Königwinter, the neighboring city of Bonn where you are, held a "In the outdoor exhibition of "Keep your distance and spend together", you also have works exhibited. When I saw this work, I immediately remembered the word "heart and hand connected."

Tang Hong: Yes.It is a great honor to be invited to participate in this special period, special proposition, and special format exhibition project last year.

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