Five Differences and Observations of Epidemic Prevention between the Mainland and Taiwan

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Over the past period of time, there have been many comparisons between the pros and cons of authoritarian and democratic methods of epidemic prevention. Deutsche Welle interviewed two Taiwanese who worked across the strait to discuss their observations. . . .

Taiwan | Coronavirus: Menschen mit Gesichtsmasken am Hsing Tian Kong Tempel
Although Chen Shizhong, the commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center in Taiwan, said that Taiwan's publicly funded inspections are sufficient to prevent the new crown virus, many people still worry that many asymptomatic infections may not be detected.

(Deutsche Welle Chinese website) 45-year-old Ms. Chen has worked in Shanghai's financial industry for two and a half years, and 28-year-old Mr. Yang has worked in a manufacturing factory in Guangdong for one and a half years.The two currently undergoing home quarantine are among the few Taiwanese who can return home for the New Year.

Both mentioned that the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic at the end of 2019 and the closure of the two sides of the strait caused Taiwanese working in mainland China to be unable to return to their posts after the 2020 lunar new year. Therefore, the company paid special attention this year and only allowed some management to return home for the New Year. The re-emergence of immunity affects the start of work after the year.

Ms. Chen, who has stayed in Shanghai for the past year, is the only Taiwanese in the company who will go back when she returns home.She mentioned that a Taiwanese colleague decided to abandon her job in Shanghai because she felt that she would gather less and leave more with her family during the epidemic.

She said: "Now it's not just trouble returning to Taiwan. In fact, inter-provincial transportation is also quite troublesome. They are divided into high-risk, medium-risk, and low-risk. High-risk ones must be isolated. Medium-low risk also requires nucleic acid test reports to cross provinces. So Encourage everyone to try not to go home and celebrate the New Year on the spot.

1. Large price difference for self-financed inspection


Mr. Yang said that he could not accept such a big price difference. He had wondered if there was a difference in test quality, but he observed that the testing methods on both sides of the strait are similar.He said: "If he is really not allowed, he would not dare to let his people run around like this."

Ms. Chen, who has a medical background, said that she feels that price has nothing to do with accuracy. "Medicine has its market pricing principle and accuracy is actually two different things."She doesn't think Taiwan's testing costs are particularly high, nor will she question the accuracy of China's testing.

The difference in testing costs once became a political war of words between the two sides of the strait. When Taiwan’s Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shizhong was asked about this, he said that Taiwan’s costs were more expensive because it was "more accurate," which caused Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, to "mislead the common people." He also called "this gentleman" as Chen Shizhong to cause the topic.


In addition to the price, Mr. Yang mentioned that Taiwanese hospitals have more cumbersome regulations for inspections, and there are procedures in time. It is not necessary to inspect them, and the documentary evidence to be provided is more troublesome than that of Mainland China.

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