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[Newspaper News] China's 2020 ranking of the top 10 unpopular occupations includes two death-related occupations, pet enchantress and shroud modelling.Even if the service targets of the two industries are different, the industry players all say that the original intention of engaging in this profession is to let their lives bid farewell.China Taobao recently released the "Observations of Top 2020 Unpopular Occupations in 10". In addition to the strange occupations such as snail fan smelling teacher and self-discipline supervisor, there are also the above two death-related occupations.The Hong Kong 2 report quoted data from the "01 China Pet Industry White Paper" and pointed out that there were 2019 million cats and dogs in China that year, and the lifespan of these pets is generally about 6120 years. When facing birth, old age, sickness and death, the owners hope that they will walk more decently.According to a report interviewed by Wang Dali, a pet funeral agent in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, the work of a pet burialist is divided into two parts: first, receiving the remains, refrigerating, and washing; pets that died due to illness or accidents will be cleaned of blood stains, stitched and damaged, and cleaned up. After the remains, comb the hair and cover the wound.After that, a farewell ceremony will be held for the pets, allowing the owner and pets to be alone, and finally sent to cremation.The second part is to appease pet owners and provide personalized services.Wang Dali said that the funeral process of pets is almost the same as that of humans. "Every life should bid a respectable farewell to this world."Shroud modelling is another novel job.The report interviewed the practitioner Ren Sainan. She mistakenly became a part-time shroud model on the Taobao store. In addition, she also designs shrouds.Ren Sainan said that when he first entered the industry, he was also very scared. Not only did his family discourage her, but some classmates and friends also alienated her.But by communicating with clients at work, she understands the stories of the deceased and participates in their farewell ceremony. In the end, she understands that this job is to help the deceased go through the last stage of life with dignity, and the fear gradually disappears. .Ren Sainan said that the reason why she chose to be a shroud model was also because many customers had resistance to the shroud. "If a young girl wears it, this resistance can be alleviated." She mentioned that since death cannot be changed Instead of being immersed in sorrow, it is better to say goodbye and leave no regrets.And when she designed the shroud, she also imagined it as a dress worn on important occasions for the deceased to wear and bid farewell to the world beautifully and decently.Ren Sainan said, I hope everyone can look at the funeral and interment industry rationally and not treat them as "Plague Gods." "There must always be someone to stand up and do something different for people and the world's final farewell."

中国淘宝网日前发布「2020年10大冷门职业观察」,除螺蛳粉闻臭师 、自律监督员这类奇葩职业外,还有上述2项与死亡相关的职业。
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