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莫礼逊( Scott Morrison)总理断然拒绝中国教育部近日对澳洲大学教学质量的攻击,而澳洲国际教育业担心它将成为中国开辟对澳洲贸易战的一条新战线。
        【本报坎培拉讯】莫礼逊( Scott Morrison)总理断然拒绝中国教育部近日对澳洲大学教学质量的攻击,而澳洲国际教育业担心它将成为中国开辟对澳洲贸易战的一条新战线。<br />

In a statement published on its website, the Chinese Ministry of Education accused Australian universities of providing low-quality teaching in projects that cooperated with Chinese institutions and ignoring investment in these projects.
This remark has aroused concerns in the Australian higher education community that the trade war between China and Australia may spread to the education sector.
Prime Minister Morrison told Sydney’s 3AW radio station on Friday: “(On this issue) I will not bite the bait.”
"Such things have been said before."
"We all know that Australia has a high level of education, which is why we have so many students want to come here and use our educational institutions. The quality of these educational institutions is no problem."
The Ministry of Education of China stated in a "Notice on the Proposed Special Evaluation Work for Sino-Australian Cooperation in Running Schools" published by its Educational Foreign-related Supervision Information Network: "Entrusted by the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of the Ministry of Education, the Degree and Graduate Education Development Center (below (Referred to as the Degree Center) to carry out the evaluation of undergraduate and above Sino-foreign cooperative education. Since 2016, Australian universities such as the University of Southern Queensland, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Griffith University, Swinburne University of Technology and other Australian universities have been discovered in the evaluation work. In the Sino-Australian cooperation in running schools, there are problems such as insufficient investment in high-quality educational resources, low-level duplication of schools, and urgent need to ensure the quality of teaching. In order to strengthen the quality assurance of Sino-Australian cooperation in running schools, and promote the sustainable development of Sino-Australian cooperation in running schools, according to the work arrangement, the degree center The special evaluation work for China-Australia cooperation in running schools will be launched in due course, and specific work requirements will be notified separately."
It is expected that the next step of the Chinese Ministry of Education will be to send a team of experts to audit the quality of teaching provided by Australian universities in cooperation with Chinese educational institutions.
In response, Sarah Todd, director of international cooperation at Griffith University, told The Australian that Griffith University “has established an active working relationship with the Chinese Ministry of Education and has no interest in our joint projects. Worry".
"The University is seeking more information on this matter through the Australian Embassy in Beijing."
The Chinese side has not further explained this statement, which has caused the Australian higher education department to worry that the Chinese Ministry of Education’s attack on the teaching quality of Australian university cooperation projects is to upgrade its political measures against Australia.
Not long ago, the Ministry of Education of China warned in its "2021 Study Abroad Early Warning No. 1": "Recently, there have been successive vicious incidents of attacks on my overseas students in many places in Australia, which has caused the personal safety of my overseas students in Australia. A serious threat. At present, the global COVID-XNUMX pandemic situation is still very serious, and international travel still poses greater risks. The Ministry of Education reminds overseas students to fully conduct safety risk assessments and carefully choose to go to Australia or study in Australia."
In response, Australian Education Minister Alan Tudge accused Beijing of spreading false information.He claimed that Australia is one of the safest and friendliest destinations for international students.
He said: "I oppose China's claim that it is unsafe to travel and study in Australia. This is false information." (Nanping)
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