Donated tens of millions of hundred-year-old veterans to hospital

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
As a result of the fundraising campaign, the centenarian became a symbol of British optimism and solidarity in the face of the epidemic, and also became a national hero of the United Kingdom. . . .

England Mastron Moretain | Rentner Tom Moore sammelt Geld für Medizinische Angestellte

(德国之声中文网)汤姆·摩尔爵士(Sir Thomas Moore) 的女儿发推称,因肺部出现炎症,他的父亲已经被送进医院:“在此之前,他一直在家里养病,但需要辅助呼吸。”摩尔的女儿哈娜说:他父亲的病情目前并不严重,因此没有送进急救病房。





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