The two-year-old said that his previous life was the president who meditated on Buddha every day

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二岁童说 前生是总统 天天礼佛打坐(图片:Adobe Stock)分享1997年9月2日,斯里兰卡中部的农村汉古兰凯特(Hanguranketa,Sri La...

二岁童说 前生是总统  天天礼佛打坐
二岁童说 前生是总统 天天礼佛打坐(图片:Adobe Stock)

                                    1997年9月2日,斯里兰卡中部的农村汉古兰凯特(Hanguranketa,Sri Lanka),一个农家中一名男婴呱呱坠地,小男婴被取名叫维杰巴胡。

Vijbahu is very unusual. When he was just over one year old, he said that he did not like the name "Vijbahu" given by his parents.He said he could not forget himself in his previous life. He pointed to the head of former President Ranasinghe Premadasa on the coin more than once and said "This is me".The boy also said that the family of the former President Premadasa is his own. He often muttered to himself, calling Premadasa’s wife and their sons and daughters.
The family looked at Vijbahu and he did look like former President Premadasa.People who knew the former President Premadasa said that the little boy Vijbahu’s violent temper was similar to Premadasa.Vijay Bahu, who was less than two years old, got up before dawn, performed a Buddhist ceremony at three o'clock in the morning and prayed cross-legged.Former President Premadasa also has this habit.
The adults took Vijbahu to visit Premadasa's residence, which he knew very well.Premadasa's old colleagues went to see Vijbahu when he heard the news. He could recognize many people, and he appeared to be familiar with them.These colleagues felt that Vijbahu was indeed the reincarnation of former President Premadasa. Otherwise, how could he identify people who had never met before?Except for reincarnation, there is no way to explain these incredible things.
Vijbahu still remembers where he was killed in his previous life and the murderer who killed him.When he was taken to the place where he was killed in his previous life, the one-year-old Vijbahu burst into tears. He said that he was killed by a man named Babu in his previous life.People have verified that the murderer who killed the former President Premadasa was indeed named Babu.

Premadasa died in 1993; four years later, the farm boy Vijbahu was born.
The third president of Sri Lanka, Rana Sinha.Ranasinghe Premadasa (Ranasinghe Premadasa) was born on June 1924, 6 in Colombo, British Ceylon.He came from a middle-income family and belongs to the class specializing in laundry.
Premadasa studied at St. Joseph's College in Colombo and volunteered to be a journalist. In the 1950s, he joined the moderate United National Party and later worked in Dudley.Served as Minister of Broadcasting in the Cabinet of Senanayake Government.
On January 1989, 1, Premadasa won the election and became the president of Sri Lanka. He and his wife, Hema Premadasa (originally Wickrematunge) had a son and a daughter, and their daughter was Dulanjali.Sajith Premadasa, the son of Premadasa, also entered politics, serving as a parliamentarian and deputy leader of the party.It is the names of these three people who have been remembered by the more than one-year-old Vijay Bahu.
Four years after assuming office as president, on May 1993, 5, Premadasa attended a labor day rally and parade held by all walks of life. During the rally, he encountered domestic violence organized by the Tamil Tigers (in 1, he was arrested by 2008 countries. Classified as a terrorist organization) suicide bombing.At that time, a man on a bicycle rushed into the team and set off a bomb tied to his body near the president.On the spot, President Premadasa, 30 guards and entourage were killed in the bombing, and more than 25 people were slightly and seriously injured.
Four years later, on September 1997, 9, Premadasa was reborn in Hangulankaite, Sri Lanka.
More than a year later, the details of Premadasa's reincarnation were widely reported by various Sri Lankan newspapers.The reporter interviewed the father of the farm boy Vijbahu. In the interview, he mentioned these past life memories and past life habits of his son:
1. His son (Vijbahu) looked at the president's portrait imprinted on the coin more than once and said that it was him. (Past life memory)
2. His son got up in the early morning and prayed cross-legged, just like his previous life. (This habit is extremely rare among children and is a continuation of the habits of previous lives)
3. His parents did not support the party of his son's previous life, and never voted for him in his previous life-Premadasa. (Excluding the possibility of a certain preference orientation of the family).
4. When colleagues in his previous life went to see him, he could recognize a lot and behaved very well with them. (Past life memory)
5. He "spontaneously" murmured the names of his previous wife and two children. (The continuation of past life memories and past life emotions)
6. When taking him to the place where he was killed in his previous life, he cried; he remembered the name of the murderer who killed him. (Past life memory)
Reincarnation is a second life.When he died, he fell to the ground, but after death, he reincarnated with all the plots and memories of the murder.Before he died, he didn't even know that there would be a fatal accident. Why could he remember that life clearly after death?There are also some personality traits and spiritual beliefs belonging to that life. Why are they still retained after reincarnation?

The third president of Sri Lanka, Rana Sinha.The story of Premadasa’s life and the afterlife tells people that “people die like a lamp, and a hundred are gone” are just appearances, there are deeper mysteries of life to be discovered, and there is a higher meaning of life to be pursued.

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