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The WHO's new crown origin investigation team continued to conduct investigations in Hubei, but there were constant doubts from all walks of life. The new US Secretary of State Brinken also criticized the investigation for not being transparent enough, and the WHO came forward to fight back. . . .

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Reporting of WHO's visit to Hubei Center for Disease Control and Prevention blocked

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Reporting of WHO's visit to Hubei Center for Disease Control and Prevention blocked

(Deutsche Welle Chinese website) The World Health Organization on Monday (February 2) criticized those who criticized the investigation of the origin of the new crown and challenged those who claim to know the situation better, asking them to come forward and provide definitive evidence.

The WHO's new crown origin investigation team is visiting Wuhan, trying to piece together the method of virus transmission from Wuhan, Hubei, where the first case was found in December 2019.

WHO's Director of Emergency Affairs, Michael Ryan, was dissatisfied that the expert mission was vilified by some people and asked those who claim to have information on the outbreak to stand up and not just criticize behind their backs.

He said that many critics said that they "will not accept the results of the report," or that "other intelligence may show different findings."He asked: "How much responsibility is it to say not to accept the report before the report is written?" He also asked the so-called intelligence-holder to provide definite evidence.

The new US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) earlier on the 1st that China "is far from reaching its goal" regarding transparency.

He said: "China must strengthen and ensure that the investigation is transparent. It will provide and share information for international experts and inspectors to enter." He believes that China has not really done these things.

In response to what Blinken said, Ryan responded that the WHO team should receive international support. At the same time, “it’s time for those who say and think they have information to start providing information.”

He added that all infectious disease investigations will find some information and then raise further questions. He also described the investigation process as a "detective story".

After visiting the hospital, South China Seafood Market and Hubei Center for Disease Control and Prevention, WHO epidemiologist Maria Van Kerkhove said that the team will visit the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

This itinerary has attracted great attention from the outside world, because former US President Trump mentioned several times during his tenure that the new crown virus was leaked from the institute, an unproven theory.

Fankhov said: "The investigation team is having very fruitful discussions with Chinese counterparts, visiting different hospitals around Wuhan."

She also mentioned that the experts' visits to the seafood market went smoothly. She went to the booth to understand the situation and met with colleagues from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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