Nan'ao milk tea shop was destroyed late at night, police went to the scene to investigate

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位于阿德莱德中央商务区Gouger街的Fun Tea奶茶店,安全卷帘门被损坏。(图片来源:推特)分享周日(2月7日)凌晨,阿德莱德唐人街的奶茶店Fun Tea发...

Fun Tea奶茶店
位于阿德莱德中央商务区Gouger街的Fun Tea奶茶店,安全卷帘门被损坏。(图片来源:推特)

                                    周日(2月7日)凌晨,阿德莱德唐人街的奶茶店Fun Tea发生破坏事件,警方正在对此进行调查。

According to the Daily Mail, the Fun Tea milk tea shop is located on Gouger Street in the Adelaide CBD. The security shutter door of the shop was damaged. The police rushed to the place to investigate after receiving the report.
The police searched the milk tea shop, but no one was found inside.The police said it was not yet clear whether anything had been stolen.
The police urge anyone who knows the relevant leads to call the crime reporting hotline 1800 333 000.
1月29日,Fun Tea奶茶店发生了一起20岁女员工讨薪被打事件,震动了澳洲社会。Fun Tea奶茶店也因此成为澳洲公平工作调查专员署(Fair Work Ombudsman)调查的重点,因为有人指控他们少付工资。

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Chinese owner of South Australia milk tea shop beats up female employees due to "salary dispute"
South Australia milk tea shop turmoil progresses 39-year-old man arrested for beating
The owner of the milk tea shop issued a statement to "disregard" the beaten female employee found the "backer"
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After the incident, dozens of protesters gathered in Adelaide's Chinatown in recent days, calling on the authorities to provide better wage protection for disadvantaged workers, especially immigrants and international students.
Fun Tea milk tea shop issued a statement denying that the assault was due to a wage dispute, claiming that the beating man was a customer and had previously had a dispute with a 20-year-old female employee. “The store’s management and owner regret any form of violence and have zero tolerance for assault or violence. The man involved is not an employee of the Fun Tea milk tea shop and has nothing to do with Fun Tea.”

<img src="" alt="南澳奶茶店" />南澳唐人街一家奶茶店发生一起因讨薪引发的斗殴事件。(图片来源:社交媒体视频截图)

The 39-year-old man was charged for the assault. The police will charge the man with assaulting the 20-year-old woman.The man was released on bail and will appear in Adelaide Magistrates Court on May 5.The police are investigating the assault.

助理指挥官Linda Fellows表示:“公众可能已经看过这些视频,也许被这些视频吓坏了,但让我们等待法庭审理,看看结果如何。” 

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