South Australia milk tea shop turmoil progresses 39-year-old man arrested for beating

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在社交媒体上流出的视频使澳洲人震惊,据称一名20岁的女子在Fun Tea奶茶店工作了一周,但老板以该女实习为由拒付工资。在讨薪过程中,一名身着黑衣的39岁男子掌掴该女子,双方互骂互打,场面一度混乱。
The police stated in a statement: "Last Friday night, a man from Glen Osmond assaulted a woman in a shop on Gouger Street. The police will bring charges against the 39-year-old man.
"The victim of the attack was a 20-year-old Adelaide woman who was rescued by medical staff at the scene that night and she was then taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital for treatment."


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