The descendants of South Sudan refugees realize their football dreams and become the top strikers of the Australian League | Australia Chinatown immigration

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His Western United club (Western United) told him he no longer needed his services, and Juul did not score a goal in his first league season.
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His Western United club (Western United) told him he no longer needed his services, and Juul did not score a goal in his first league season.

He can only go back to his home in Adelaide and try to cheer up.

He said that when my career in Western Union ended, my future was a bit uncertain.I don't know where to go. I just continue training and return to Adelaide as soon as the season is over.I stayed with my family and tried to regain my confidence, because my confidence did drop a lot.

It's hard to believe that Yule once questioned himself. Now at 26, he is the top scorer of Western Union's rival Newcastle Jets and one of the top strikers in the A-League.

At the end of last year, jet coach Deans provided Yule with a lifeline, Yule went to the Hunter Valley Club for trial training, and reached a two-year contract with the latter.

He said, I have to prove to everyone that I performed better than when I was in Western Union last year, and I took this opportunity.

It is a gamble for Newcastle to sign a forward who has yet to prove that he can score in the top league.

But in the last three games, Yule scored three goals and performed well in the club's first victory over the Wellington Phoenix team this season. This is a successful gamble.

Yul praised the Jets' free-flowing style of play and the laid-back city atmosphere for helping him reach his potential.

He said, you can say that there are not so many distractions. I basically grew up in Adelaide.Adelaide is more like Newcastle, where it is very relaxing.You know Melbourne is a very busy city and there are many things to do.I think Newcastle gave me a chance to relax and focus on the game.

As one of many Australian football players of African descent who made waves in the Australian First Division, Yul is ambitious to enter the Australian national team.

At the age of 10, his family fled the war in South Sudan and came to Adelaide.

He said that I was born in Kenya and grew up in a refugee camp there.I started playing football with my friends there.When I was growing up in Adelaide, I had many friends who helped me develop in football, which really helped me adapt to the Australian culture. (Su)

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