National Party Senator accuses China of obstructing the Minister of Investigation, saying that the results of the WHO investigation are not unexpected | Australia Chinatown Australia News

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The back row of federal members, National Party Senator Matt Canavan (Matt Canavan) accused China of blocking the investigation of the origin of the new crown pandemic, and Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said that the results of the WHO survey are not surprising.

[Newspaper from Canberra] The back row of the federal Senator Matt Canavan (Matt Canavan) accused China of blocking investigations into the origin of the new crown pandemic. Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said that the WHO’s The results of the survey are not surprising.

An investigative team led by the WHO stayed in Wuhan for nearly a month, and has still been unable to find out exactly how the virus spread to humans.

National Senator Kanavan said the answer may never be found.Throughout the process, China’s behavior is like hiding something, frustrating and delaying the investigation.After a year or more, finding the source of the virus has become too difficult, which is not surprising.We should have started this investigation immediately.

The WHO research team has denied that the new crown pandemic was caused by a virus leak from a laboratory in Wuhan, and has determined that the virus is most likely to be transmitted through animals, but which animal is still unclear.The spread of the virus is not clearly linked to bats, pangolins or any other wild animals.In addition, the virus may also be spread through frozen food, and may have been active in other regions or countries before the first confirmed case was reported in Wuhan.

Federal Minister of Health (Greg Hunt) said that the findings of the WHO investigation team were very straightforward. The investigation concluded that the virus most likely came from the animal kingdom and originated in the place where the first human case was found. Such findings are not confusing accident.

In addition, in response to the ABC host’s question, the Australian government’s announcement that it secured another 1000 million doses of Pfizer’s vaccine included the Liberal Party label. Han De’s rhetoric became fierce, saying that he was a leftist and was in that (Liberal Party). Elected under the banner also said that it is important for the host to be honest about his position and background, just as he is also honest about his position and background. In fact, he was elected by Australian voters on this basis.

In addition, the federal government insists that although other countries have increased vaccination plans, the Australian vaccine schedule is still going on as planned.

Now, several new crown vaccines have been approved by regulatory authorities overseas, but Australia has adopted a more cautious attitude. Currently, only Pfizer vaccine has been approved, and the approval of AstraZeneca vaccine is still in progress.

Hande said that the reason for the delay was to ensure vaccine safety.

However, both the Labor Party and the Green Party believe that the government must expand the scope of the vaccine to ensure that it can respond to new variants of the virus.

Labor Party Health Affairs Spokesperson Mark Butler said that the South African and British variants may exceed the protective potential of vaccines, so vaccines such as Moderna should be used.

However, Federal Chief Medical Officer Kelly said that he still has confidence in Pfizer vaccine and AstraZeneca vaccine, which will become the main pillars of Australia's new crown vaccine plan at least this year. (Child force)
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