Three arrested in protest against COVID-XNUMX in a shopping mall in Melbourne

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A demonstration against the COVID-19 lockdown took place in the Eaton shopping mall in Oakleigh, Melbourne on Monday. (Image source: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images) Share...

A demonstration against the COVID-19 lockdown took place in the Eaton shopping mall in the Oakleigh district of Melbourne on Monday. (Photo credit: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)


According to the Herald Sun, witnesses claimed that dozens of police officers interrogated the demonstrators in the shopping center and the demonstrators yelled at the police.
Victorian Police media adviser Nikki Ladgrove said that the arrest was carried out around 12 noon on Monday, mainly due to the protesters' violation of peace requirements and instructions from the Chief Health Officer.
 Ms. Ladgrove said that the rest of the crowd was evacuated safely and the police are investigating the case.
She said that a 40-year-old Huntingdale man was awaiting a subpoena for prosecution because he violated the instructions of the chief health officer and failed to obey the police order.

Two other men, aged 43 and 65, were fined for violating the instructions of the chief health officer.
Earlier, the Australian organization "Reignite Democracy Australia" (Reignite Democracy Australia) released a photo of the Eaton Shopping Centre in Oakleigh and encouraged people to participate on Facebook.
"We will not comply. See you at 12 noon." The post said.
 The organization broadcast live on the event, but this post has been taken down.
The merchant in the mall told the Herald Sun that the protesters stormed into the incident area at 12pm.
A staff member of the cafe said, "They screamed and waved flags. There are many police officers."

Leah, who was in Eaton shopping mall at the time, said that she was very disappointed with the protest, "These people are not Oakleigh people. It is shameful that things happened here and hurt the business of the merchants."

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