Three people were stabbed in a sudden fight in Melbourne

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(图片来源:澳洲警方脸书)分享情人节(2月14日)当天凌晨,三人在墨尔本西南郊区Point Cook被刺伤。据称一名20多岁男子的腿部受伤,两名十几岁的少年在打...

Queensland Police

                                    情人节(2月14日)当天凌晨,三人在墨尔本西南郊区Point Cook被刺伤。据称一名20多岁男子的腿部受伤,两名十几岁的少年在打架时手臂被刺中。警方说,在斗殴事件发生后,一名男子在警察的看守下正在医院接受治疗。

据澳新社报道,维州警察局高级警官Adam West说,“调查人员被告知,周六(2月13日)晚上有人聚集在Lennon Boulevard的一个地方。”
West said that at about 11:45 in the evening, a man and a woman arrived at the scene in a Holden Commodore. The man got out of the car and had a dispute with many people on the scene.
According to the police, a brawl followed and three victims were stabbed.The man and woman then drove away from the scene.
In West, the police found a man who was probably from Holden while patrolling the area. He was in a local convenience store and had a broken leg. He was taken to the hospital and treated under police guard.

Three other men were also taken to the hospital for treatment.

警方呼吁任何目击事件,并有相关信息或录像的人,请致电灭罪热线1800 333 000,或在上提供线索。

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