Suspected explosives found on Aintree Rd, Melbourne, residents need to stay home

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周一(15日)早上,警方在墨尔本Aintree Rd一带发现疑似爆炸物,该地区被封锁,并由拆弹小组与警方展开调查。(图片来源:Google map)分享周一(1...

墨尔本Aintree Rd
周一(15日)早上,警方在墨尔本Aintree Rd一带发现疑似爆炸物,该地区被封锁,并由拆弹小组与警方展开调查。(图片来源:Google map)

                                    周一(15日)早上,警方在墨尔本Aintree Rd一带发现疑似爆炸物,该地区被封锁,并由拆弹小组与警方展开调查。

According to the Herald Sun, around 6:XNUMX a.m. on Monday morning, Melbourne police received a report that a man had shot arrows in front of a house on Aintree Rd.
It is reported that when the police arrived, they found that the wiper on a car across the street was on fire, and the man involved in the crime had already fled the scene.
The spokesperson said that after further investigation, the police found a suspicious device.The street was blocked until High St, and people were told to stay at home.

In addition to the police, bomb disposal teams also responded to the scene.The police urged any witnesses or people with clues to contact Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.


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