1 dead and 2 injured in fatal car accident in Wandin North, Melbourne on Sunday

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15日晚上7点30分左右,墨尔本Wandin North区发生一起致命车祸,一辆汽车沿着Lewis Rd行驶时偏离了道路,车辆失控侧翻导致女司机当场死亡,车内两...

Car accident
15日晚上7点30分左右,墨尔本Wandin North区发生一起致命车祸,一辆汽车沿着Lewis Rd行驶时偏离了道路,车辆失控侧翻导致女司机当场死亡,车内两名儿童受轻伤,已送院治疗。(示意图:Pexels)

                                    墨尔本的Wandin North周日(15日)发生一起致命车祸,醸一死两伤。

According to the No. 7 news network, a fatal car accident occurred in Wandin North, Melbourne at about 15:7 pm on the 30th. A car deviated from the road while driving along Lewis Rd. The car rolled over and caused the female driver to die on the spot. Two children suffered minor injuries and were sent to hospital for treatment.
警方透露,导致车祸的原因还未确定,当局正连夜彻查。警方敦促任何有相关信息或行车记录仪的人士,马上联络Crime Stoppers:1800 333 000.。


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