Foreigners account for one-third of Australia's 4 Australians but cannot return to the country

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Sydney International Airport
自去年3月酒店隔离制度实施以来,澳洲海外入境人数有三分之一为外国公民,而滞留海外并等待回国的澳洲人仍有4万人之多。昆州与维州抨击外国入境者未获得严格筛查已被联邦政府驳回。图为悉尼国际机场。 (Photo by DAVID GRAY/AFP via Getty Images)


According to the Australian newspaper, data from the Australian Border Guard (ABF) showed that since the establishment of the hotel isolation system on March 2020, 3, approximately 28 people have returned to Australia.In addition, more than 25.3 citizens and transit holders from other countries entered Australia.At the same time, as many as 7.3 Australians stranded overseas are still waiting to return home.

However, senior officials in the federal government denied and refuted this claim, claiming that border inspection measures are very strict.NSW Governor Gladys Berejiklian and Federal Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg on Monday (15th) countered Victorian Governor Daniel Andrews's criticism of the National Hotel Quarantine System. 
This procedure will tighten screening measures to support the gradual opening of international borders and ensure that Australia can initiate green channels with countries that have controlled the epidemic and implemented vaccine programs.


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