Pacific island countries disagree, China fears to take advantage of it

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Tuvalu | Pacific Islands Forum | Premierminister Ardern, Bainimarama, Malielegaoi, Panuelo




太平洋岛国论坛的危机始于二月初。库克群岛前总理普纳(Henry Puna)在一次视频会议中被遴选为秘书长。帕劳政府提出异议称,普纳的任命违反了由三个主要岛群—波利尼西亚、美拉尼西亚和密克罗尼西亚代表轮流担任领导人的协议。

Pune defeated Gerald Zackios, the representative of the Marshall Islands, by one vote in the general election.Palau immediately withdrew from the forum on the grounds that "the forum is no longer dominated by unity, regionalism and Pacific style" on February 2.

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