One more local case in Victoria on the third day of closure

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维州卫生厅长Martin Foley。(图片来源: Asanka Ratnayake/Getty Images)分享2月15日周一,维州进入了为期5天的快速封锁...

维州卫生部负责人Martin Foley
维州卫生厅长Martin Foley。(图片来源: Asanka Ratnayake/Getty Images)


There were two local COVID-19 cases in Victoria the previous day, a 3-year-old child and a woman.The two come from different families.
维州卫生厅长Martin Foley证实,这两个病例均与墨尔本机场假日酒店(Holiday Inn)有关,而且他们两人都在同一晚上访问了同一地点。
“两人都于2月6日晚上去了Coburg的Sydney Road路,  参加了私人聚餐。”Foley表示,这两个人自上周五(2月12日)以来一直处于隔离状态。

The 3-year-old had previously visited the Goodstart Early Learning Center in Glenroy, which was closed on Monday.
The Early Learning Center issued a statement saying: "A child in this center has been temporarily closed after testing positive for COVID-19 on Saturday night."
"The authorities have notified family members of the closure, and will directly contact the parents of any children who are closely contacted.
"The child was exposed to the virus from a case related to the Holiday Hotel cluster."


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