German media: Will China lose the vaccine race?

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According to the current progress, Western countries are expected to complete their vaccination plan before the end of this year, allowing them to reopen their borders.China, which initiated the vaccination plan first, may still be in a state of sealing. . . .

China | Impfstoff gegen das Coronavirus

(Deutsche Welle Chinese website) The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung said, "Will China lose the vaccine race?" "" as the topic, introduced the problems encountered in China's vaccination process.The article wrote:

"Originally, from the beginning of March last year until January this year, China rarely saw more than XNUMX new infections every day. However, after a few small-scale cluster infections in the north, China has entered a wartime epidemic. Status. In order to avoid the Spring Festival travel climax of XNUMX billion people in previous years, China even introduced encouraging policies to prevent people from traveling. The train station in Shanghai's Hongqiao District was crowded around the Spring Festival in previous years, but this Saturday was quiet. After the two hospitals in Shanghai found cases of infection, the block near the hospital has been sealed off.

"Although some regions have implemented many restrictions such as extending the quarantine period to four weeks, what is really worrying is that China, the 2020 epidemic prevention champion, may turn victory or defeat and become a loser in the next few months. Same as Western countries The epidemic prevention strategy for achieving herd immunity through vaccination is different. China’s goal is to completely eliminate the new crown virus. In view of this, China will increasingly be at a disadvantage: in the fourth quarter of this year, the United States and European countries are expected to complete the vaccination work. As a result, the border will be reopened. China will only be able to vaccinate about one-third of the population by then, so foreigners will still not be allowed to enter China."

The article went on to write: "The Chinese government started vaccinating employees of state-owned enterprises as early as the middle of last year, although the research and development of this vaccine was not over at that time. Today, China has fallen behind in terms of per capita vaccination rate. As of last week , China has only 2300 million people vaccinated against the new crown. Even if the target of 5000 million people can be vaccinated in mid-February, the vaccination rate of the total population is only 3.5%, which is equivalent to the current vaccination rate in Germany; while the vaccination rate in the United States is high Doubled. In mid-February, the UK plans to complete the vaccination of one-fifth of the population."

In addition to the slow progress of vaccination, another problem facing China is that the people are not active in vaccination.Many Chinese believe that the risk of contracting an epidemic in China is very low, so there is no need for vaccination. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung article stated:

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