German media: politics is the art of possibility

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Bismarck has a famous saying: Politics is the art of possibility. The "Le Monde" commentary stated that in the final stage of his term, German Chancellor Angela Merkel facilitated the EU-China Investment Agreement, which is a political art of exploiting possibilities. . . .

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(德国之声中文网)莱布尼茨欧洲经济研究中心总裁阿希姆·瓦姆巴赫(Achim Wambach)在《世界报》发表客座评论称,在美国总统换届之际,作为欧盟内部中国最大的贸易伙伴,德国采取主动促成了欧中投资协定,尽管该协定最终还需经由欧盟理事会和欧盟议会批准,但其意义仍极其重大。评论写道:


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