Prime Minister appeals to MPs to participate in the Lunar New Year celebrations to showcase the government's support for the Australian Chinese community | Australia Chinatown

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the "political issues" between Australia and Beijing should not prevent Australian government members from using Lunar New Year events to support the Chinese community.
        【本报坎培拉讯】莫礼逊(Scott Morrison)总理说,澳洲与北京的「政治问题」不应阻止澳洲政府议员利用农历新年活动来支持华人社区。<br />

Morrison told his colleagues at the first joint meeting of the Liberal Party and the National Party Congress in 2021 that despite "political issues between governments," they should still support the Chinese community in Australia by participating in cultural activities.
During the past 12 months, the Chinese government has imposed high tariffs and imposed export bans on dozens of Australian commodities including wine, beef, coal, barley and seafood.
The Chinese government has linked the trade war to Australia’s “dissatisfaction”. For example, the Australian government’s leading call for international investigations into the source of the new crown virus, support for human rights in Hong Kong, and blocking the acquisition of some major Australian assets by Chinese companies have all aroused China’s strong Dissatisfaction and criticism.
Despite hostilities in Beijing, Morrison said on Tuesday that involving government members in the Lunar New Year would strengthen the "positive" relationship between the Australian and Chinese people.
The Prime Minister also used this meeting to encourage colleagues in the ruling coalition to not be distracted, and used boating as a metaphor to ask everyone to focus on important issues this year, such as vaccine promotion and economic recovery.
He said: "No matter what happens, always keep an eye on this ship, maintain coordination, and work together. This is also the method we need to take."
According to a report by Sky News TV, Morrison held a press conference on climate change policy at the National Press Club in Canberra on Monday, February 2. The Chinese side showed goodwill.He said that Australia will continue to be committed to "engagement with China" and readjust the relationship between the two countries after the rhetoric conflict and escalating trade sanctions in the past few months.
Morrison reiterated that the primary task of the Australian government is to protect the sovereign interests of the country. "Protecting and protecting the interests of Australians, even if it is not the most important goal, has always been the core goal and responsibility of the federal government."
He said, "Australia must rely on its own government to conform to the world and make it in our interests. This needs to start from our own region."
Later, when talking about China, Morrison said that Australia would remain committed to "dealing with China" because both countries and their peoples will benefit from the economic relations between China and Australia.
Morrison said: "It is not surprising that there are differences between two countries with such different economic and political systems. Our task is to ensure that these differences do not hinder the two countries from achieving win-win cooperation in the interests of their respective national sovereignty."
He believes that China-Australia relations have obviously changed, but Australia is still willing to encourage dialogue between the two countries. "When the world changes, Australia cannot pretend business as usual."
He said, "To establish a lasting partnership, both of us must adapt to these new realities. We must first start with mutual dialogue. The focus of dialogue is not concessions, but mutual benefit, and strive to find a way for the two countries and the two peoples. Benefit in the future.” (Nanping)
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