Clients of a clinic in Sydney’s eastern suburbs who practise illegally need blood tests | Chinatown Australia News

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After a clinic in eastern Sydney was found to have violated infection control, people who visited the clinic were urged to be tested for HIV and other blood-borne viruses.

The NSW Department of Health warned anyone who had undergone certain operations at the Detoxologie Clinic in Bondi Junction between June 2013 and December 6 to go to a general practitioner for blood tests.

Anyone who has had colon washes, skin pricks, allergy or other blood tests, intravenous injections or vitamin injections should be tested for HIV, hepatitis B and C.

The director of public health for the local health district in Sydney's southeast said that although the risk of transmission is low, it is still wise to conduct testing.

Professor Ferguson said that so far, there have been no cases of blood-borne virus infections related to this. However, we know that infections like HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C may lie latent for many years.

NSW Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant said that clients of the clinic should talk to their general practitioners and arrange a blood-borne virus test as soon as possible.

She said that the health department is trying to contact all previous clients directly, but the clinic’s poor file records hindered their efforts.

She said that we could not get accurate records.

This clinic is located in the Eastgate Shopping Center in Bondi Junction, which was previously located on Oxford Street.

The clinic closed in December last year because two patients were admitted to the hospital for treatment after allegedly being injected with contaminated intravenous fluid.

The Health Care Complaints Committee (HCCC) issued a warning to the clinic, stating that the hygiene condition of the clinic is very poor and the colon douche equipment continues to be used without disinfection.

The regulator also said that a doctor named Fay Fain illegally and improperly prescribed and used drugs, some of which are not approved for use in Australia.

The committee stated that Fain claimed to be a registered nurse, but there was no evidence that she had ever been a registered nurse in Australia.

HCCC stated that further evidence suggests that Fain has little knowledge of infection control practices and hygiene. (Su)
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