Sydney's strongest auction of dilapidated and dilapidated houses this year exceeded expectations for 90 sales

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A property on the northern coast of Sydney was sold for 90 yuan more than expected, making it the strongest auction so far this year. (Getty Images) To share a dilapidated and uninhabitable house on the north coast of Sydney, it costs about 100 million...

Property Auction
悉尼北部海岸一套物业以超出预期90万元出售,成为今年迄今为止最强劲的拍卖。(Getty Images)


 Belle Property-Neutral Bay sales agent Chris Davies said that this two-bedroom terrace house on Emmett St in Crows Nest has aroused great interest. "It attracts the imagination of people who want renovation projects."
 "There are not many such terrace villas in the local area. It is the only two-story house on the street... Many people hope to make a large-scale expansion at the back of the house."
His agency showed homes to more than 250 buyer groups.

 It is understood that the reason why this house became its current condition is because the landlord has been neglecting maintenance.Real estate transaction records show that she bought the house in 1986 for $131,000.
This historic house built in 1900 sits on a plot of 226 square meters, most of which is covered by vegetation.
Auctioneer Andrew Robinson opened the auction for 200 million yuan and said the bid was "inspiring."
The initial bid was increased by 5 yuan and 5 yuan, but later slowed to about 25,000 yuan. A total of 30 bids were conducted.
 According to reports, the buyer is planning a major renovation and will move into the property.
 Mr. Robinson, the auctioneer, said that the sale of this house for 300 million is a very high price," he added, which is his strongest auction so far this year.
 Davies先生说,如果价格达到250万澳元,他的销售团队就已经“高兴坏了”。他说:“卖到300万元真是太了不起了。” “很多邻居来这里已经很长时间了,如果他们没有一直关注市场,看到这个价格会很震惊。”
 Sydney buyers are particularly interested in homes with potential for renovation.Last week, a Marrickville house that required extensive renovations was sold at auction at a price of 33 yuan higher than expected and attracted 33 bidders, setting a record in the district.

 销售代理Adrian Tsavalas说,光看竞标者的人数就已经很惊人。去年有5名以上竞标者的拍卖就已经算强劲了。

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