Sydney's Chinese district has average test scores but comparable to wealthy districts –

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一个追踪新州各地学生NAPLAN成绩与家庭收入和失业率的工具发现,悉尼一些成绩最好的地区,实际上收入却只有中低水平,而这当中有些是华人聚居最多的区域。 一个追...

考试 测试一个追踪新州各地学生NAPLAN成绩与家庭收入和失业率的工具发现,悉尼一些成绩最好的地区,实际上收入却只有中低水平,而这当中有些是华人聚居最多的区域。(图片来源:Piqsels)
据悉尼晨锋报报道,新南威尔士大学(UNSW)的研究人员开发了Gonski Data Lab工具,以追踪不同郊区和城镇的学生在NAPLAN考试中的表现。追踪结果显示,悉尼南侧的华人区Hurstville的家庭收入虽然每周不到1800澳元,但该地的三年级学生在NAPLAN的成绩却和富人区Turramurra和Hunters Hill的孩子一样好。

The average income of Byron Bay has increased by A$800 in ten years, but the NAPLAN scores of local children have declined. This is obviously at odds with the traditional idea that economic advantages will bring better educational results.

The household income of Dover Heights in the affluent district of the eastern suburbs is A$2900 per week, but the grades of its third-year students are the same as those of students from Bathurst and Ballina, whose household income is no more than half of Dover Heights.

It is reported that UNSW uses this tool to study the impact of society on children’s school performance.The findings are based on the suburbs, not on schools or departments. Adrian Piccoli, Professor of Educational Practice at UNSW, said that this allows researchers to study more deeply the influence of parents' attitudes towards education, the impact of industries that provide the most jobs in towns, and community expectations.

"Comments surrounding educational performance will inevitably involve what happens in schools, courses and school facilities, but in fact, it is more influenced by parents and the community." Piccoli said.

It is reported that some of Sydney’s best-performing suburbs have low-to-medium family incomes, but residents there are new immigrants who value education, such as the Chinese areas of Carlingford and Hurstville.

The income of families in Goulburn is higher than that in Ulladulla, but their performance is significantly behind the latter.

Piccoli 还说道:“为什么东南亚裔人口多的Cabramatta比北岸成绩更好?不是因为学校有多少钱,也不是因为老师有多好。北岸的老师可能比你在任何地方见到的都要好。这项研究并不是为了提供解决方案,而是一种看待问题的不同方式。”


Richard Holden of UNSW said that the Gonski Data Lab is the beginning of a larger research project aimed at understanding the community factors of student performance.

Craig Petersen, the head of the school principal committee, praised the study for "prescribing the right medicine."He once worked in a rural school, where performance has always been comparable to top schools in the city, and he owes not only excellent teachers, but also the influence of nearby scientific research institutions.

"There are no children of scientists in the local area, but the yearning and appreciation for higher education has permeated the town. I agree (look at the social impact) is right, I agree that there are many factors outside the school, and there are huge differences between different communities."

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