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The newly released "Healthy Lifestyle Cities Report 2021" (Healthy Lifestyle Cities Report 2021) shows that Sydney's life expectancy is as high as 82.1 years, and the happiness score is 7.22/10 points, ranking first among the 44 cities participating in the evaluation. Second, it is recognized by international researchers as one of the healthiest cities in the world.

The survey conducted by Lenstore analyzed 10 indicators, including average sunshine time, cost of a bottle of water, population obesity level, population life expectancy, urban pollution index, average working hours, population happiness index, outdoor activities , The number of takeaway restaurants and the monthly fee for gym membership.

In this evaluation, the Dutch capital Amsterdam ranked first.The city has more than 400 outdoor activities, and the Netherlands is also ranked fifth in the world on the happiness index.

One of the reasons why Sydney ranks second is that the seaport city has 2636 hours of sunshine a year, 1000 hours more than European competitors such as Berlin, Dublin and Geneva.The average annual working time for Sydney residents is 1712 hours, which is about 33 hours per week.

In addition, Sydney’s outdoor activities have reached 406 items, and Sydney’s gym membership fees and air and water quality levels have also added points to the city in the evaluation.

Ranked third is the Austrian capital Vienna, where the pollution level is the lowest of all cities, with a score of 17.33 points per 100 points, which is more than four times lower than the pollution level of the Chinese capital Beijing.The pollution level in Beijing is 4 points.

The other top ten healthy cities are: Stockholm, Sweden, Copenhagen, Denmark, Helsinki, Finland, Fukuoka, Japan, Berlin, Germany, Barcelona, ​​Spain, and Vancouver, Canada.

Although Melbourne's happiness score and life expectancy are the same as those of Sydney residents, the level of other indicators is lower, so it only ranks 11th.

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