An 11-year-old boy in Sydney survived a fall from the fifth floor –

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据7News报道,2月16日周二,悉尼一名11岁男孩从一栋五层楼高的公寓楼的屋顶掉了下来,万幸的是,他没有生命危险。 周二下午3点半,在接到报警电话后,医护人...


At 3:XNUMX on Tuesday afternoon, after receiving an alarm call, medical staff and police rushed to Waterloo and found the boy on the ground.

The boy suffered multiple fractures in his leg and was sent to the hospital for treatment.Medical staff said that his injuries will not be life-threatening.

The police are investigating the matter, but said they think there is nothing suspicious about the incident.

Last week in Newtown, Sydney,The 46-year-old man also survived when he fell to the ground from a 10-meter-high balcony.Allegedly, he accidentally fell while climbing into the apartment to retrieve something.
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