Douyin internet celebrity vegetarian activity video goes viral on the internet

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最近,墨尔本两名男子闯入素食者举办的聚会大吃肯德基Zinger box并进行嘲讽的视频在网上疯传。(图片来源:Nick and Bill/TikTok)分享最近...

Nick and Bill
Recently, two men in Melbourne broke into a party organized by vegetarians and ate the KFC Zinger box and made mocking videos that went viral on the Internet. (Image source: Nick and Bill/TikTok)

                                    最近,墨尔本两名男子闯入素食者举办的聚会大吃肯德基Zinger box并进行嘲讽的视频在网上疯传,并引起网民热烈讨论。

According to the Daily Mail, the two “Nick and Bill” internet celebrities have more than 8.5 fans on the Tik Tok platform. Their video about eating chicken at the vegetarian gathering received 300 million views and 50 Ten thousand likes and 1.5 comments.
The video read: "Eating Zinger box in front of vegetarians." At the beginning of the video, a vegetarian congregator called one of the men an "idiot" and asked him if he thought his behavior was interesting.The man named Bill took out a piece of chicken and asked, "Friend, do you want to have a bite?" The vegetarian replied, "I answered your question, didn't I? I said no." Then Bill answered. Said: "Good luck." Then he took another bite of chicken.
According to the vegetarian activity person, he is very happy that the Tik Tok duo can come to their scene, which has created a spectacle for others.One of the people who participated in the vegetarian event explained to Nick and Bill why she chose a vegetarian diet, and the two continued to eat their chicken.
Nick and Bill wrote on the Douyin video: "Not all superheroes have cloaks."

The video sparked a heated discussion among people.Many people believe that Douyin celebrities can freely express their doubts about vegetarian activities.
A netizen commented: "They can promote vegetarianism to the public, what's wrong with these boys' actions?"
Some netizens also said: "It's not funny or cool at all. I'm not even a vegetarian, but it's about respect for others."


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