Biden has not yet contacted Xi Jinping's White House: No hurry to deal with China

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The situation of Sino-US competition and cooperation has become increasingly clear since Biden took office.Washington continues to formulate strategies in the alliance, while Beijing has repeatedly emphasized the necessity of Sino-US cooperation. . . .

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(Deutsche Welle Chinese website) The Biden administration stated on Tuesday (February 2) that it is not in a hurry to fight against its strategic rival, China, and that it will first pursue "in step" with allies and partners.

Since taking office on January 1, Biden has been in contact with many world leaders, but has not yet spoken with Xi Jinping.

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said at a press conference that she could not reveal when the two would talk.She also declined to say whether China requested to call Biden.

She said that with Antony Blinken's appointment as US Secretary of State, "the level of contact with Chinese people has increased," but she and State Department spokesperson Ned Price both said that they would give priority to talking with allies and partners .

Price said at a press conference that there are some issues, including climate change, and that "limited cooperation with China on these issues is in our national interest."

He said that US alliances and partnerships are "multiplying power in any range of challenges, including our relationship with Beijing. So, as a first step, we must ensure that we are aligned with these allies and partners. , And then... you can expect to have contacts with China in many fields."

Reuters reported that even though Biden called Xi Jinping a "thug" during the campaign and vowed to lead the international community to pressure, isolate and punish China, Xi Jinping continued to congratulate Biden after his election.

The Biden administration has not yet fully articulated its strategy for China, the world's second largest economy, but said it will generally continue the tough approach taken by former President Trump.

The Biden administration vowed to "surpass" Beijing and agreed with the Trump administration's last-minute determination that China had committed genocide to Xinjiang Muslims. It also emphasized the desire to cooperate on policy priorities such as climate change.

On the 2nd, China’s top diplomat called for the US-China relationship to return to a predictable and constructive path. At the same time, he said Washington should respect Beijing’s position on the Taiwan issue and stop interfering in Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang.

When asked about these remarks, Shaqi said that China should "stop its military, diplomatic, and economic pressure on Taiwan and engage in meaningful dialogue with Taiwan's elected leaders."

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