The NSW school bus driver was posted with 30 children on board because of this incident –

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新州中西部(Central West)地区发生一起车祸后,一名校车司机已被发出违章通知。 据网站周二(16...

新州中西部(Central West)地区发生一起车祸后,一名校车司机已被发出违章通知。

According to a report on the website on Tuesday (16th), the emergency services department received a call to the police at approximately 15:3 pm on Monday (30th). Someone claimed that it was on Bathurst Road, near the intersection of Glenroi Avenue in Bathurst. A school bus collided with a truck and both sides were driving west.


Two girls aged 8 and 14 suffered minor injuries and were sent to Orange Health Service.

The truck driver was a 50-year-old man and he was not injured.

Police from Central West Police District arrived at the scene and launched an investigation.

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