Queensland pushes tougher measures to combat juvenile delinquency –

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昆州州长Annastacia Palaszczuk宣布了严厉的新措施,以打击青少年犯罪,其中包括试用GPS追踪器、增加警察权力,以及限缩保释法等。 据ABC ...

昆州州长Annastacia Palaszczuk宣布了严厉的新措施,以打击青少年犯罪,其中包括试用GPS追踪器、增加警察权力,以及限缩保释法等。

据ABC 2月9日报道,Palaszczuk说:“社区希望我们做更多的事情,而这正是我们将要做的事情”。GPS追踪器将在Moreton、布里斯本北区、Townsville、Logan和黄金海岸地区试用,“强硬措施”得到内阁的全力支持。

Palaszczuk also said: "The current goal is to combat these juvenile habitual offenders (10%) to ensure the safety of the community. As I said, we cannot just do one thing, we must do everything we can.

与此同时,一个新的特别工作组已经成立,以打击青年犯罪,助理警务专员Cheryl Scanlon则担任特别工作组的负责人,Scanlon曾在昆州警察局工作了33年,其中涉及儿童安全方面的多个职位。Palaszczuk指出,Scanlon每周将向警察厅长Mark Ryan提供最新消息。

Ryan described the new measures as "large-scale reforms."He said, "Society is asking for change, and the government is responding. The amendment to the bail law will allow the court to consider the method it takes when offering bail for juvenile repeat offenders. We are talking about a small group of people, a small group, they It’s causing great damage to our community and they need to know that their actions will have consequences and they need to take responsibility.”

Ryan also said that trials of GPS trackers on 16- and 17-year-olds in some locations will “enhance police efforts and comply with regulations regarding bail conditions”.

Former police chief Bob Atkinson will return to evaluate these measures. Palaszczuk believes, “This provides the public with additional assurance that people closely related to one of our preliminary reports will come back to do this work.”

Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll welcomed the reform.She said: "Over the years, the number of juvenile delinquency has actually been greatly reduced. It is only this small group (juvenile repeat offenders) that needs to be dealt with."

Reforms include:

1. Overturn the presumption of bail in a serious indictable crime.

2. The court can seek assurances from the parents and caregivers of juvenile offenders to prove that they will comply with the bail conditions, otherwise they will not be released on bail.

3. The court will choose to require 16-year-old and 17-year-old teenagers to wear GPS trackers as a bail condition.

4. Police on the Gold Coast will be given hand-held metal detectors to check knives.

5. The council will review whether a remote engine anti-theft device should be implemented.

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