1500 Melbourne tourists banned from entering Queensland

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Cameron Dick
昆州卫生厅表示,已经联系大约1500名与墨尔本机场高危地点有关系的旅客,并通知他们离开昆州。昆州隔离酒店已被禁使用雾化器,因为该设备被认为会增加COVID-19传播风险。(Photo by Jono Searle/Getty Images)


据布里斯本时报报道,昆州政府周日证实,当局尚未证实与墨尔本Holiday Inn酒店群集有关的民众人数,但是大部分的旅客已受促离开昆州,回到维州进行14天隔离。
Queensland Finance Minister Cameron Dick said that Queensland Health’s response was very rapid. The authorities have sent messages to people who have been in contact with high-risk locations in Victoria within 24 hours.Now, the authorities are dealing with individual cases, informing them to isolate them until a negative result is obtained. Dick also revealed that the authorities will send additional staff to help track other potentially infected people.

Queensland bans the use of atomizers in quarantine areas

The Victorian government issued a statement stating that a confirmed man in the isolation hotel used a nebulizer without authorization.However, the man told the media that he had notified the authorities before using the atomizer.
At present, atomizers have been considered to increase the risk of COVID-19 transmission.The Queensland Department of Health issued a statement on Sunday that the equipment will be banned from being used in quarantined hotels in Queensland from now on.
"We have updated the guidelines based on the situation in Victoria. Isolation hotels in Queensland currently prohibit the use of nebulizers, except in emergencies. People who may need to continue to use nebulizers need to be evaluated by a respiratory physician and may need to be transferred to a hospital. Take care." 
Dick warned on Sunday that it will take several years for Queensland to fully recover from the pandemic, but he also believes that the short-term outlook remains positive. 


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