Slow progress of EU vaccine delivery, Germany does not rule out China and Russia supply

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Belgien Brüssel | EU-Kommissionschefin Ursula von der Leyen

(德国之声中文网) 欧盟委员会主席冯德莱恩 (Ursula von der Leyen)周日 (1月31日)为欧盟的疫苗接种记录辩护,并加倍强调雄心勃勃的接种目标。


她的这番话呼应了她本月早些时候做出的承诺,她的副手、欧盟委员会副主席希纳斯(Margaritis Schinas)澄清说,「夏季」是指6月至8月底这段时间。


到目前为止,欧盟已收到1800万剂疫苗,4.46亿人口中的1200万人至少接种了第一剂疫苗。冯德莱恩表示这样「进展良好」,但她也承认,2月和3月在疫苗施打上会遇到比较多困难 ,但疫苗交付问题在这两个之后基本上就解决了。

Recently, due to the delayed delivery of AstraZeneca-Oxford and BioNTech-Pfizer vaccines, the EU vaccination target was blocked.Von der Lein therefore met with seven senior executives in the pharmaceutical industry from companies that have vaccine contracts with the EU on January 1.At the meeting, AstraZeneca extended an olive branch to the European Union, saying that the company agreed to supply an additional 31 million doses of vaccine in the first quarter.

冯德莱恩在推特上称赞此举是 「向前迈出的一步」,并补充说,该公司「还将扩大其在欧洲的生产能力」。然而,即使是3月底前达到4000万剂的新交付目标,也仍然只是该公司最初承诺的一半。

Last week, the EU and AstraZeneca accused each other of breach of contract. First, the EU accused AstraZeneca of failing to fulfill its contractual obligations, while AstraZeneca accused a production base in Belgium of having production problems and unable to deliver 2021% of the vaccine to the EU in the first three months of 60. Commitment of order quantity.

The EU expressed its dissatisfaction, stating that AstraZeneca's treatment of the EU is unfair compared to other customers including the UK. On January 1, the European Union took action to tighten vaccine export rules, triggering a complaint from the UK.

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