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At the end of last month, the Adelaide Torrens and flooding caused the river to be filled with garbage and dead fish, and the water body was seriously polluted. Clean-up work has started recently.

[Adelaide Newspaper] At the end of last month, the Torrens and floods in Adelaide caused the river to be filled with garbage and dead fish, and the water body was seriously polluted. Clean-up work has started recently.

At the end of last month, Adelaide experienced its wettest day since January 1977. The river water mixed with garbage was washed from Adelaide Hills to the CBD until it was discharged into the sea, including the Adelaide Festival near the Adelaide Oval Bridge. Sewage and garbage can be seen on the water surface of the Centre.

Adelaide’s prestigious holiday season and the largest holiday season in the southern hemisphere will begin at the end of this month.

Some residents said on social media that passing by the cricket court and other places, they found that the scenery did not look good. For those international tennis players who were going to Memorial Drive, the experience was also very bad.Some people are lazy and throw rubbish directly into the river instead of the trash can.

The Adelaide City Council said that it had begun clean-up work last week.

Michelle English, deputy director of the city council responsible for sustainable development, said the action included removing dead fish before they became a “health risk”.The staff began cleaning up rubbish remains and dead fish from January 1.Relevant agencies will also analyze the water quality and will continue to monitor the river water quality and remove wildlife, garbage and other debris as needed.

The city council spokesperson said that over the years, the city council has established some projects with the Green Adelaide project team, the South Australian Water Authority, the Environmental Protection Agency EPA and other riverside city councils, and built some infrastructure in an effort to reduce Pollutants and improve the water quality of Torrens River.

A spokesperson for the Green Adelaide project team of the Department of Environment and Water said that heavy rainfall "washes a large amount of waste and organic matter into the river", which may cause a drop in oxygen content in the water and cause fish deaths.

Independent Adelaide MP Anne Moran blamed the recent layoffs for the delays in cleaning up the garbage accumulation.

Molan said that the organization used to have 820 staff members, but now there are only 300 to 400 staff members. Services have to be cut. It is impossible to reduce the staff by half, and everything can remain the same.In addition, we have some trash cans, which are thought to be able to prevent this from happening, but they obviously did not work. (Child force)
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