The evaluation price is nearly 4 Australian dollars refrigerator Choice: the worst in history!

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Choice冰箱专家Ashley Iredale说,这款来自意大利名牌的光面乳白色冰箱是“我们实验室见过的最令人震惊的产品”,总分“低得惊人”,只有22%。“这台冰箱的外形模仿1950年代,没想到性能也停留在那个年代,它的价格甚至高达3,990,令人震惊。”他说。
Iredale said that in terms of temperature stability, the two-meter-high 510-liter refrigerator scored zero (out of 100). One of its biggest problems is the fluctuations in temperature. "We found that the temperature of the fresh food compartment in the refrigerator changes. More than 5 degrees, and the temperature change in the freezer compartment reached an astonishing 11 degrees. This means that the temperature will fluctuate up and down, causing fresh food to rot."
The test also found that this refrigerator responds very poorly to changes in the outside temperature. If the temperature drops overnight, you will find that the temperature in the freezer changes dramatically.This is a problem because if the weather gets warmer, it is not safe for long-term storage of food.Therefore, the user needs to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator and the freezer according to the change of the season or any temperature fluctuations in daily life to maintain the optimal temperature.

Iredale pointed out that the product’s temperature controller “is not sensitive to changes in settings” and “the temperature control range is very small and cannot be manually adjusted to the ideal temperature range”.


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