Where do overseas buyers like to buy houses in Queensland

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黄金海岸市场深受海外买家欢迎。图为:黄金海岸的俯瞰图。 (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)分享 荷包充实的外籍人士和海外归国...

黄金海岸市场深受海外买家欢迎。图为:黄金海岸的俯瞰图。 (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)


Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach and Burleigh Heads are also top suburbs that overseas buyers want to invest in.
On the Sunshine Coast, Noosa Heads is one of the most searched locations, and there is also great market demand for Mooloolaba and Coolum.

在布里斯班,New Farm和内西郊区Indooroopilly最受海外买家欢迎。
房地产行业评论员、McGrath Estate Agents创始人John McGrath认为,澳大利亚作为避风港的声誉正在“对房地产市场产生巨大影响”。
Realestate.com.au chief economist Nerida Conisbee said that Australians living overseas or overseas buyers who want to store their wealth in a safe place are flocking to Queensland, and most of the houses they are looking for are reputable properties.
Ms. Conisbee said: "Australia is really lucky." "We have controlled the COVID situation very well, so this is a major factor. "Our economic situation is very good. If you look at Queensland, the weather and beautiful beaches, It is very attractive to people in the northern hemisphere who are in winter. "
Ms. Conisbee said that buyers from Asia prefer to look at suburbs with high-quality schools and universities, which is why Indooroopilly is included in the list, while people from other countries prefer waterfront locations.
Conisbee女士说,黄金海岸作为受欢迎的旅游胜地享誉国际,“新西兰人喜欢黄金海岸。” “当地已经有一个(新西兰人的)大社区,此外还有更多的工作机会,美丽的海滩,与悉尼等地方相比,价格相对便宜。”她说。
Byron Bay has also attracted widespread international attention because Hollywood celebrities have chosen to live here in recent years and their houses are very luxurious.
在阳光海岸,地产公司Elite Lifestyle Properties的老板Jordan Lund表示,外籍人士的数量“显着增加”,海外买家抢购了阳光海岸的豪宅。受欢迎的郊区是Minyama 和Buddina。


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