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Credit Suisse (Credit Suisse) has been approved to sell the Australian Chinese real estate developer Gu Menghong, a man in Mosman, Sydney's north shore, worth 1200 million yuan, even though creditors have disputed the procedure for auctioning his property.
        【本报悉尼讯】瑞士信贷(Credit Suisse)已获准出售破产潜海外的澳洲华人地产商顾萌泓在悉尼北岸摩士曼(Mosman)价值1200万元的豪宅,,尽管债权人对拍卖其财产的程序有所争议。<br />

Gu Menghong, who was involved in the largest fraud scandal in the history of Australian companies, shortly after the bankruptcy of the iProsperity group he founded, was accused by the victim of using a Ponzi scheme to take away major investment visas in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. When the applicant was about 6000 million yuan, he fled Australia in July last year. He also owed investors another 7 million yuan in debt, and before his 1.2 million yuan group was about to go bankrupt, he continued to spend investors’ money on purchases. A Limburg Gini sports car.
Gu Menghong fled to Los Angeles on July 7. His whereabouts are currently unknown. Credit Suisse's lawyer Amelia Avery-Williams applied to the NSW High Court for alternative services, which means that the court now believes that he has Provided or "served" the necessary documents to bring legal proceedings against him.
He fled two weeks after the bankruptcy, and absconded after a large number of creditors accused him of embezzling funds.
Justice Button (Richard Button) ruled in the High Court on Tuesday:
"Various (contact) efforts have been made to this person (Gu Menghong). They proved to be ineffective."
His mansion in Mossman, a wealthy area, was sold by the mortgagee Credit Suisse in November.
However, the creditors have many disputes and warnings about the mortgage of this mansion.Credit Suisse initiated a lawsuit against Gu Menghong and asked the court to approve the sale.
Attorney Avery Williams said: "Among other defendants, there is a dispute over the priority between the second and tenth defendants."
Justice Barton approved the completion of the sale of the mansion on Tuesday.
Justice Barton said: "I think it is understandable that there are disputes about how the parties are divided and how they are ordered."
He said that Credit Suisse's application mainly advocates allowing the sale of the property to realize the best value of the house, and the money will be kept in safekeeping.
"The order will ensure that the sale can continue, and after that, these disputes can be resolved as needed."
The justice said that he believed that Credit Suisse had done its best to deliver the prosecution documents to Gu Menghong, and he accepted the application for alternative services.He also said that allowing the sale of the property is a “wise” approach. Any disputes regarding who (the creditor) receives the distribution of the money, as well as the order and how much of the distribution can be discussed later.
Gu Menghong's mansion in Seaforth, a northern beach area in Sydney, has been auctioned off before. The estimated price is between 600 million and 700 million yuan.Although this house is in his mother's name, he has lived in the Seaforth mansion until he bought it in 2017 and moved with his wife to the Mosman mansion, and the company documents show that the Seaforth mansion is still his official residence. address.
Other luxury goods he bought, including a Rolls-Royce car, were also auctioned for debt repayment.
Before going bankrupt, Gu Menghong had been living a profligate and luxurious life, enjoying thousands of yuan a bottle of fine wine, taking a private jet to go to casinos all over the world to gamble, he had bet more than 800 million yuan in one of the casinos. (Nanping)
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