AU: Agriculture industry fears loss of 370 billion, government should allocate aid

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(图片来源:Adobe Stock)分享澳洲农民警告称,澳洲与中国之间的贸易争端,以及COVID-19大流行造成的供应链中断,在未来十年内将对该行业造成370亿...

Australian lobster
(Image source: Adobe Stock)


According to News Channel Nine, the National Farmers Federation of Australia urged the federal government to invest A$35 billion in a preliminary budget report to find new export markets and improve the supply chain.
The goal of the agricultural industry is to increase the annual output value to 2030 billion Australian dollars by 1000.The report warned that without government support, this goal would be "seriously challenged" by the trade dispute.
Tony Mahar, President of the Australian National Farmers’ Federation, said that the recent supply chain disruption will cost the agricultural industry A$10 billion in the past 369 years. “To deal with these disadvantages, a long-term trade strategy must be adopted to deepen the existing Market cooperation will diversify export destinations, improve supply chains, and build Australia’s domestic value-added capabilities."
According to reports, as Australia-China relations have fallen to a new low, Australia's agricultural industry has become a target of Beijing's strikes over the past year.Beijing has imposed trade sanctions on Australian seafood, barley, wine and other exports.

Trade Minister Dan Tehan told News Channel XNUMX that he welcomes proposals from industry stakeholders, but he will not comment.


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