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Introduction: This round of centralized procurement involves 45 varieties, including 8 major injection varieties such as pantoprazole for injection; this collection

Introduction: This round of centralized procurement involves 45 varieties, including 8 major injection varieties such as pantoprazole for injection. This centralized procurement of a total of 158 selected products, the average price reduction of the proposed selection is 52%, and the highest reduction is 96% .

The fourth round of national drug centralized procurement with volume was opened in Shanghai today.This round of centralized procurement involves 45 varieties and the highest procurement scale exceeds 250 billion yuan.

Among them, inhalation preparations were included in the national centralized procurement for the first time.At the same time, since the formal launch of the consistency evaluation of injections in May 2020, 5 injections such as pantoprazole for injection have also been included in this collection.

According to Xinhua News Agency, there were a total of 158 selected products in this centralized procurement. The average price of the selected products dropped by 52%, and the highest drop was 96%.According to preliminary estimates, the fourth batch of centralized procurement of medicines is expected to save 1 billion yuan in medicine costs a year.


Large varieties of injections are included in centralized procurement



According to data from Meinenet, the market size of terminal chemical injections for public medical institutions in China exceeded 2019 billion yuan in 6300, and the combined sales of the top 20 products exceeded 1000 billion yuan.



The average drop is at least 50%, and some varieties exceed 75%

The first three batches of nationally organized centralized drug procurement involved 112 varieties, and the average drop of selected products reached 54%.As of 2020, the actual purchase volume has reached 2.4 times the agreed purchase volume, and the overall cost savings have exceeded 1000 billion yuan.

With reference to previous experience, Nomura Orient International Securities predicts that the average drop in this centralized procurement will also exceed 50%.

According to the surging report, the information disclosed by the participating companies at the scene showed that the highest drop of varieties including sodium hyaluronate eye drops was as high as 75%.


Inhalation preparations are included in the national collection

It is worth noting that for the first time inhalation preparations are included in the national collection.



Image source: Guotai Junan Securities Research Report

In 2019, the global asthma/COPD drug market exceeded 200 billion U.S. dollars, and my country was about 200 billion yuan.Inhalation is the preferred method of administration.At present, the domestic production rate of inhalation preparations in my country is less than 10%.

Guotai Junan research believes that the incidence of asthma/COPD in China will continue to increase in the future due to factors such as the deterioration of the air environment, the increase in the smoking rate of the population, and the deepening of the aging of the population. At the same time, as the domestic diagnosis and treatment rate and control rate move closer to the United States, the patient base will continue to accumulate , New patients are superimposed on old patients, which brings huge demand for clinical medication.

Picture: The fourth batch of national procurement information


(Information source: Fengyun Yaotan compiled from public network information)

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