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马特·罗(Matt Raw)接到“离开武汉”的指示时,他非常乐意遵命。整整一年后

This article is reproduced from the BBC Chinese website. It only represents the original source and the original author’s views. It is for reference only and does not represent the attitude and position of this website.

马特·罗(Matt Raw)接到“离开武汉”的指示时,他非常乐意遵命。

A full year later, now he hopes to "never board" the flight back to Britain.

马特·罗和中国籍妻子及他的母亲从武汉搭上撤侨包机(Credit: Matt Raw)


Wuhan, which is considered the birthplace of the new crown virus disease, was closed at that time, and the number of confirmed cases and deaths has risen repeatedly, making the locals very scared.

The purpose of the British evacuation charter flight is to evacuate British citizens and their families back to a safe United Kingdom, but Matt Rowe stated that he felt he was "cheated" and was "misled and withdrawn to the UK."

In fact, this was not his original plan.

At the beginning, the British government stated that the chartered flight for evacuation was limited to British citizens, which meant that Matt needed to leave his Chinese wife behind, and he was unwilling to do so, so decided to stay.

Originally, he planned to help local residents build a hospital the next day, so he left his tools at the door.But a few hours before the scheduled departure of the charter flight, the British government announced that Chinese family members of British citizens could also board the flight.

Matt said he received the latest news at 4 am and went to the airport as soon as his luggage was collected.

But now, Matt says he would rather he "not boarded the chartered evacuation plane."

He said he was deceived by the British government, "They lied, and we were told to leave Wuhan and return to the UK. The UK is safe."

"In fact, if we stay in China, we will be safer and more free."

"They (China) took a quick fight and immediately closed the city. This is the right decision."

在武汉,机场工作人员穿戴个人防护设备办理登机,飞机上给每个人提供口罩(Credit: Liping Duan)

Also boarding the charter flight for evacuation of overseas Chinese in the same class was Duan Liping (transliteration), who lives in London. She clearly remembered the scene of fleeing.

When Wuhan announced the closure of the city, 59-year-old Duan Liping happened to be visiting relatives in Wuhan and spending the Lunar New Year with her family.

Although she was fortunate enough to board a chartered flight to return to the UK, she expressed concern that contracting the new crown virus would make the entire journey "nervous".

"Two British people couldn't get on the plane because their body temperature was too high."

"The plane is very quiet. You may hear babies crying, but no adult speaks."

"I've been far away from people along the way, and they all wear masks."

"It's hard for me to breathe, I'm exhausted."

段丽萍对于大巴司机连口罩都没有戴感到吃惊(Credit: Getty Images)

Two days before the evacuation charter plane landed, the first confirmed case of the new crown virus appeared in the UK, but she said that when she arrived at the airport, no one was wearing personal protective equipment.

"I told them,'Stay away, we are from Wuhan', but no one paid any attention to me."

不过英国政府还是用大巴接机,警车开道,把所有撤侨包机的人都送到威勒尔(Wirral)的阿罗公园医院(Arrowe Park Hospital)隔离两个星期。

Matt said that the 290-kilometer journey from the airport to the quarantine hospital was “exhausting”, while Duan Liping said she was surprised that the bus driver did not even wear a mask.

After arriving at the hospital, they were taken to a staff accommodation building separate from the hospital building, which contained apartment-style housing and a shared kitchen.

The Matt family and another pair of mother and daughter live in the same apartment. Matt said that it is okay, they get along very well with each other.

He said that living there was "very happy" and also said, "The staff at Arrow Park is amazing."

He said that a doctor “worked 14 hours” during the 157 days they were in isolation, and the “sacrifice and dedication” of the other staff who looked after them was surprising.

Even the weather outside helped them to survive the isolation days, because "the weather was terrible every day for two weeks."

"I can't remember when there was such a bad weather, and I didn't want to go out at all."

隔离人员留下字条对医院人员表达感谢(Credit: PA)

Dr. Nikki Stephenson, the medical director of Arrow Park Hospital, said he was "very proud" of the medical care provided by the hospital staff.

"We only received the notification 48 hours ago, so we have to be prepared in a short time. It is very busy."

"The feedback we received was very good. We didn't know about the new coronavirus at the time, but everyone was healthy after the quarantine. I am very proud of that."

But Duan Liping said that it was "lucky" to get a negative result of the new coronavirus test. "If there was a person with the new coronavirus at that time, all of us would be infected."

After 14 days, all those who returned to the UK by chartered evacuation flights were allowed to leave.

Duan Liping said that isolation was a "special experience", but being able to return home in London was "relieved."

She said that her family in Wuhan is now worrying about her in the UK, but she told her family that "people here will not panic."

The Matt family have now settled in Knutsford, Cheshire, but he said he has been bullied from the beginning. Some people believe that the evacuation charter brought the new crown virus to the UK.

He said that there are still people bullying him online.

"Some people think that makes me sad. We don't want to bring the new crown virus to the UK. No one wants that."

"We have done everything possible. We haven't traveled far in a year."


He said he could not go back to Wuhan because his mother had dementia, and the strict quarantine measures to enter China were too difficult for her.

"Each journey has to be quarantined for two weeks, and there are also personal quarantine measures. They are very strict and do not leak. I really want to pay tribute to them."

He said he was the "luckiest one" in the chartered flight for evacuation of overseas Chinese, because he now takes care of his mother full-time, and many others are bankrupt or live with their families.


"If we stay in Wuhan, it will be uncomfortable to stay in a small apartment for the first two or three months, but they have cleaned up the virus and life has returned to normal."

"I wish I would continue to lie in bed that night and help build the hospital the next day."

"This is in the countryside of Cheshire. We live in a small house with a fish pond, but we are trapped here."

"This is still our prison."

This article is reproduced from the BBC Chinese website. It only represents the original source and the original author’s views. It is for reference only and does not represent the attitude and position of this website.

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