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Experts exclaimed: China's population collapse has arrived





Yi Fuxian: Many policies in China are based on erroneous population data (mapped by Radio Free Asia)





According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the birth rate in the three northeastern provinces in 2019 was only 0.61%, even lower than the 0.68% birth rate in Japan in the same year, and Japan's aging rate ranked first in the world.

Yi Fuxian sorted out the reasons for the decline in the fertility rate in Northeast China, including the high level of urbanization, mostly immigrants with shallow roots in traditional fertility culture, a high proportion of the population within the system, more compliance with government family planning, and national policies. The marriage rate is low but the divorce rate is high, and the marriage and childbirth age is late.


"This drop is about 1%, about 1400 million people. The number of women who are able to give birth or are at their golden age has greatly reduced." Chen Feinian said.

She pointed out that if the fertility rate continues to decline in the future, the pressure of population aging will follow, which will not only affect the economy, but also cause social problems such as the care of the elderly population.Even if the government intends to save the fertility rate, it still does not help.

"As far as China is concerned, it happens much faster than other countries in the world, because China's fertility rate is falling rapidly, and the mortality rate is also falling." She said.

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