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世卫流行病学家范科霍芙(Maria Van




— RFI Chinese-Radio France International (@RFI_Cn)
January 31, 2021

A team of experts from the World Health Organization investigating the source of the new crown virus visited the South China Seafood Market in Wuhan, China on Sunday. AFP reported that the expert team, under close monitoring by the local government, met with key figures and asked questions to understand the global spread. The source of the new coronavirus".

The WHO expert team arrived at the South China Seafood Market on Sunday, one of the first places where mass infections occurred more than a year ago. The expert team carried out this long-planned trip under the close supervision of the Chinese authorities.In the morning, the experts also visited the Wuhan Baishazhou Market, where business has fallen sharply after the outbreak.

Team member Das Zak (Peter
Daszak) tweeted after visiting the South China Seafood Market that the WHO “visited very important locations, first a wholesale market, and just now visited the South China Seafood Market”.

Although one year has passed, Daszak said: "(This visit) is very necessary to provide our joint team with very rich information and necessary to understand the epidemiology of the spread of COVID at the end of 2019." Das Zack also said that the team members met "key people" and asked questions, which is very important for understanding the origin of the new coronavirus.

The South China Seafood Market in Wuhan has been blocked since January last year.According to on-site witnesses by AFP reporters, after members of the expert team entered the market with roadblocks by car, the guards quickly prevented others from entering.The WHO expert team did not answer any questions raised by reporters, and the local police separated them from others.A member shrugged when asked what he expected of the trip and closed the car window.In addition, there is news that the vehicle that the expert rode directly into the market, and other people including foreign journalists were turned away.

In the morning, the expert team was "accompanied" by a large number of Chinese personnel and visited the Baishazhou wet market.During the 76th of Wuhan’s lockdown, this was the food distribution center.

With frequent delays in China, a team of experts finally managed to enter the country. Their task was to investigate how the virus spread from animals to humans.The new coronavirus has caused more than 200 million deaths worldwide and severely damaged the global economy.Although the expert team is still in the early stages of investigation, WHO officials have lowered their expectations of finding the source of the virus.

Agence France-Presse also said that although China's official data stated that the cumulative number of deaths from the new crown virus in China has been controlled at 4636, China still adopts extremely strict epidemic prevention measures.

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