Australia-Experts from WHO's visit to China respond to US suspicions: a lot of US intelligence is wrong (photo) | Australia Chinatown

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据法新社2月10日报道,专家组成员彼得·达扎克(Peter Daszak)在推特(Twitter)上说:“请不要太依赖美方情报:在特朗普(Donald Trump)的领导下越来越脱离接触。坦白地说,在许多方面都是错误的。”



另据白宫新闻秘书普萨基(Jen Psaki)表示,美国政府并没有参与世卫组织这项调查的“计划和实施”,但希望对世卫组织报告的分析和数据进行仔细审查。




Topic: Wuhan outbreak of new coronary pneumonia enters the topic >>

Taiwan's latest poll: More than 8% of the people who are affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic consider themselves "Taiwanese"! "Chinese Identity" fell to a 30-year low (Photos)

BBC: After Wuhan opened to collect the ashes of deceased patients, the death toll is controversial (Photos)

Continuous update: China has confirmed 80924 new coronavirus pneumonia and 3140 deaths

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