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After the US Joe Biden government came to power, Zhou Li, the former vice minister of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, recently expressed the future of China and the United States. . .

Biden) After the government came to power, regarding the future trends of China and the United States, Zhou Li, former deputy minister of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, wrote an article recently that he still cannot have illusions about the entire U.S. ruling authority, and must not judge China’s development or not. , Pinned on the ruling authorities of the United States.

Zhou Li wrote an article of more than 5,000 words to analyze the Biden administration's foreign and China policy.

According to a report from on February 2, as to whether Sino-US relations will improve significantly after Biden takes office, Zhou Li believes that China and the United States can carry out climate change, fight against the new crown pneumonia (COVID-7) epidemic and even economic recovery. Cooperation.

However, the American social and political elites all hold a stance of containing China. Biden will not deny the previous Trump (Donald
Trump) Regarding China's policy, the Biden administration will exert greater pressure on China and Russia in different areas.

The article stated that Biden has limited room for adjustments to China's policy, and his flexibility will be greatly restricted.

The article believes that China still has to stick to the bottom line thinking and be prepared to continue to bear the tremendous pressure from the United States.

It is reported that in July 2020, Zhou Li once wrote an article saying that it is necessary to prepare for the deterioration of Sino-US relations and the overall escalation of the struggle.

At that time, he said in the article "Six Major Preparations to Proactively Deal with the Deterioration of the External Environment", at the moment, we must prepare for the deterioration of Sino-US relations and the overall escalation of the struggle; we must do a good job in dealing with shrinking external demand, industrial chain and supply. Preparations for chain breaks; preparations for the normalization of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and long-term coexistence of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) with humans; preparations for getting rid of the hegemony of the US dollar and gradually decoupling the RMB from the US dollar; Preparations for the outbreak of the food crisis; prepare for the resurgence of the international counter-terrorism forces.

In the article, when talking about relations with the United States, Zhou Li said, "In the six months since the outbreak, the US ruling authorities have continued to strengthen their pressure on China, such as comprehensive restrictions on personnel exchanges between the two countries; cancellation of China and Hong Kong WTO preferential treatment for developing countries; add new criminal charges against Huawei and its subsidiaries; define five Chinese media as'foreign government functions'; sign the'Taipei Act'; send warships to Taiwan and South China Seas to provocation; report the new crown virus The stigma was turned into a'Chinese virus' and attempted to be included in Security Council resolutions."

He wrote that it is certain that more actions will be introduced one after another.China must have a clear understanding that "decoupling" is ultimately inevitable.

He continued that China must not underestimate, let alone fear, the mentality and policy practices of the U.S. ruling authorities that continue to impose progressive suppression on China in all aspects and multiple areas and that they are determined to "fight to the end" with China.The difficulties and challenges facing the Chinese side will be unprecedentedly complicated and severe.

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