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01 怀孕后,我查出了HIV阳性安迪(化名)回忆起大学的那段时光,感觉


After pregnancy, I tested positive for HIV

Andy (pseudonym) felt like he had a dream when he recalled that time in college.

In 2018, Andy and her roommate felt a headache. At first they thought it was because they hadn't eaten for a long time, so they went to the cafeteria for dinner.During the meal, Andy suddenly fainted, and her roommate took her to the campus health center for an examination. The result was not the pregnancy she imagined.In the next few weeks, Andy still felt uncomfortable, lost weight suddenly, and even rumors spread around him: Andy took drugs.

About two months later, Andy felt much better, and the mysterious symptoms disappeared silently. In 2020, Andy had a routine birth check after pregnancy. Two weeks later, she received a call from the hospital and the doctor told her that the HIV test result was positive.

Later, Andy could only be hospitalized for mother-to-child interruption treatment, and finally gave birth to a daughter.


5 years later, I forgave the man

Andy recalled the days when she was sick, fainted, and thin in college. Before that, she did have a one-night stand. She was a strong African man without any protection.

After being diagnosed, Andy, with the help of social workers, took 5 years to forgive herself and her partner who infected her with HIV.At the same time, she has also become a member of the community, hoping to use her experience to make people with the same story less lonely.I also hope that more people can be awakened, the body is one's own, and not to "cut prices" because of love.

XNUMX. Unsafe sex drags you into the abyss

Andy's story is not alone.Young people’s sexuality is increasingly open, but the level of sex education is poor, and the sexual safety of young people is facing major challenges.

Lun Wenhui, a physician from Beijing Ditan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, pointed out that there are two aspects to unsafe sex. One is the unsafe process, and the other is the unsafe sex partner.

Unsafe process refers to anal sex, oral sex, drinking and drug use before sex, not using or incorrectly using condoms, etc.; the selected partner is unsafe, such as unfamiliar partners, temporary partners, business partners, unfixed and multiple partners, etc.

Young people are both courageous and impulsive. When the atmosphere and emotions reach their peak, it is easy for them to lose sight of them.Many people are lucky and do whatever they want, but without protection, it often leads to endless troubles.

accidental pregnancy

A hasty sexual act is a "strangle" of life. Too many women can only choose an abortion due to an accident.The data shows that the production of artificial abortion in my country is as high as 900 million cases every year. Multiple abortions can cause irreversible damage to the female uterus and may cause infertility.


Statistics show that by the end of 2020, there are more than one million registered HIV-infected persons in China, and sexual behavior is the main way of transmission.AIDS caused by unsafe sex is not only life-threatening, but also brings psychological shadows, causing patients to be in anxiety and depression.

Infectious diseases

The private parts of the human body are inherently sensitive, and without any protection, it is equivalent to opening the door to various venereal pathogens.Pathogenic microorganisms can be spread through contact between semen, vaginal secretions, skin and mucous membranes, and multiple sexual partners can significantly increase the risk of infection.

XNUMX. If I have unsafe sex, will I get AIDS?

HIV is very "hidden", and it is not specific at the initial stage of infection. Only through testing can we judge whether it is infected.So how do you judge whether you have committed a high-risk behavior?

High-risk behaviors include non-sleeve behaviors, sharing needles, razors, tattoos, etc.Specifically, it can be checked through a three-step method:

The first step: whether the behavior is in contact with blood, lotion, or sexual fluid; if not, eliminate high-risk behaviors; if so, continue to the second step.

Step XNUMX: Is it possible for high-risk body fluids to come into contact with blood?If no, exclude; if yes, continue to step XNUMX.

The third step: It is a high-risk behavior of HIV infection, and there is a possibility of AIDS, go to the hospital for testing as soon as possible.

At present, the most commonly used HIV testing methods are antibody or nucleic acid testing. It is recommended to perform antibody testing after 3 weeks of high-risk behavior, or perform nucleic acid testing after 2 weeks.

XNUMX. Protect yourself and don’t give AIDS a chance

The most direct and effective way to reduce the possibility of contracting the virus is to put an end to unsafe sex and strictly demand oneself.

·Don’t believe in safe contraception, excretion, etc.

Semen itself is the source of virus transmission. Regardless of the safe period of contraception or external excretion, there is a chance that the body can come into contact with the source, and it is not as effective as a simple "cock".

·Do contraceptive measures

Women with HIV infection can use contraceptive injections for contraception regardless of antiviral treatment.Emphasize high-efficiency and long-lasting contraception while reducing the spread of HIV virus.

·Avoid blood infection

Do not accept blood transfusions and blood products easily, and do not go to medical institutions or other places that are not strictly disinfected to get injections, tooth extractions, ear piercings, tattoos, eyebrow tattoos, acupuncture or surgery, all of which may be at risk of infection.

AIDS is far away from us, because we have adequate protection measures, AIDS can also be very close to us, because a careless high-risk contact, there is a risk of infection.

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