Australia-Chinese tycoons report that they may lose 80% of their losses by buying Game Station stocks (pictured) | Australia Chinatown

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中国富豪孙宇晨在Reddit推动的暴涨高潮时买入1,000万美元的游戏驿站(GameStop).Despite all being trapped, he still predicts that as young people flood into financial assets, investment patterns will change.

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Justin Sun said that a new type of Internet-driven investment will benefit cryptocurrencies and company stocks that can understand and grasp the "emoji culture".


But as of Wednesday’s close, Game Station’s share price has fallen to $51.20, a 1% drop from its closing price on January 29.

孙宇晨表示,他准备继续持有他在上月底接近高点时购买的游戏驿站股票,试图利用吸引散户投资者涌入所谓的“表情包股票”(meme stock)的刺激热潮。他当时还购买了价值100万美元的AMC股票,以及价值100万美元的其它“表情包股票”。

Justin Sun said that his stock of Game Station is now worth only $200 million.

He said: "I think I will continue to hold. Even if I lose money on GME stock, I still believe this is a paradigm shift. In the past, we all followed the advice of financial analysts, but now people have to make their own decisions. ."


Justin Sun said: "Elon Musk is not only the CEO of a company, but also a representative of this emoji culture, a representative of this new generation of sports. In the future, this community-driven trend requires more CEOs Interact with the community and their fan base."


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